7 Coaching Techniques to Boost Your Coaching Business

The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness. “ – Lao Tzu

Any business needs growth depending on where it is at the moment. As a coach, you constantly evolve as a person and your business should see the best of it. Your established business should be able to focus on gaining more coaching clients.

There a thousand tips for you out there in the form of books and articles; only a few make a difference to your coaching business. Your business needs some loving fixes for smooth performance.

Scaling your business might be hard work, but learning and implementing require consistency to ensure that your business goes beyond all limits. Here are a few tips to ensure you’re taking the right steps.

Share Your Story

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In a coaching business, your clients open themselves to you, letting you in on their deepest fears and insecurities. After all, that’s what you’ll be looking into to understand how they can re-invent themselves.

Everybody feels vulnerable. As a coach your business deals with getting people on their feet, acquiring their trust. One of the best ways to ensure this vulnerability is not a deterrent is by sharing your story.

Your clients need to know that you are a human being and not a leader-god combination that they cannot reach up to. No, you are a person just like them. You have a story just like them.

By sharing your story while listening to theirs, you establish a deep and meaningful connection. Storytelling has formed communities since times immemorial. Continue this process that makes us all human.

Your childhood, the reason behind being a coach, the failures you’ve faced and the steps you’ve taken to overcome it will be a good foundation for your client’s self-esteem and performance. The Result: your client will be able to work on themselves!

Progress in leaps and bounds: does that sound like more referrals to you? It sure does to me.

Your perseverance and dedication, the steps you have taken so far are what your clients need to see, that’s what they need to believe can happen to them.

Remember though, humility goes a long way. So you need to keep working on yourself to maintain that story!

Your clients need to know that too.

Network Empire

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You have a well-designed and functioning website, an interactive facebook business page with many followers and a blog that has your writing consistently. You know the work it took in to bring it to where it is now.

What more does your coaching business need?

These networking sites have a wide range of networking interests but there’s one site that’s meant purely for business. Have you created your profile on LinkedIn yet? LinkedIn is the best social media marketing platform for business and employment, especially for life coaches.

500 million people use LinkedIn solely for the purpose of expanding their business, networks and employment.

Tap into this potential: share your experiences, write your thoughts out. There will be no cat picture reply but instead the probability of a well-meaning conversation, ideas exchange is higher.

The life coaching business has a huge presence and market on LinkedIn too helping you expand your database. Your current leads can get exhausted; this is something you must consider and remember at all times.

LinkedIn has groups and networks you can join. You connect with and follow people who inspire you or are in the same niche as you are. Build your network keeping in mind that it is a benefit to your business profile and personality.

Reach out to your existing network as well. They might be interested in connecting with you helping you establish more connections. People or clients on your network can leave recommendations or endorse you for your skill set.

Join or attend seminars, events, meet-ups, webinars, host them yourself! LinkedIn has many avenues for you to explore, you choose how to make your coaching business grow.

Step Up Your Online Presence

Life online is different from the ones we truly lead, which is why we need to be vigilant about our online presence. As a coach you’d know better than to fake your online persona, honesty and openness are the cards you bring.

Use the internet for what it can give you in terms of publicity; this is the time to be proactive.

Explore your possibilities. Writing a book might help you rethink your strategy, but it requires a lot of time, patience and research. There are plenty of options for a coach who is keen on getting creative with their expanse.

Video blogging is another great way to expand your presence. Make a series if you can, cover training modules in these series or take interviews with people you think are inspiring. There tons of ideas to explore which is a good thing.

It ensures you have content that will help your coaching business grow.

Edutainment is a strong contender in the competitive world of online marketing and why not? Combing education and entertainment is a teaching tool with a lot of influential power.

From schools to governments, edutainment has helped reach out to a larger audience.

Time Management

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Time is money! Haven’t we heard of this before for ten times at the least? We were taught the value of time when we were young and now it’s time to capitalise on it, your coaching business needs it.

Time management techniques are more important than ever now that you want to boost your coaching business. Small tasks that you keep putting off for later have a habit of piling up and time wasted needs to be accounted for. You don’t want that happening.

Sign in or subscribe to schedulers that are available online. Why do you need a scheduler? They are a blessing in saving time, not just for you but your clients as well.

Schedulers help you book appointments by third parties, saving minutes that go into a traditional booking via personal calls/emails.

Your online scheduler can sync with your personal calendar, so all you need to do is add in a vacation reminder and write an automated response. Online schedulers can be set up to block time and days that you will be unavailable.

Automated responses to emails are a great way to save up more minutes. You can use apps that will track your time, helping you create a better routine.

As a coach who is looking to boost their business, getting your time recorded and accounted for helps with working on themselves.

If you want to learn more about how to grow your coaching business by learning the right coaching techniques, build a six figure coaching business and learn how to get better results for clients in less than half the time, sign up for launchpad here!

T for Team

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Scaling up your business = scaling up your team.

Your team is everything to your business. You can’t do your writing, designing, bookings, and event management by yourself; even if you could it’s better to get some responsibilities off your shoulders.

Scaling up your business with websites, events, books etc., mean that you will need a lot of people to depend on. Your presence must be that one of a coach, a leader who is calm in the face of a storm.

Your team needs to help you feel good about yourself.

In return, your team needs to be able to put in the same amount of dedication that you are willing to put in.

Having professionals to get your tasks done increases focus helping your back-end processes run efficiently and smoothly. As a coach, being responsible for others is a high priority, you have to be responsible for your team too.

Make sure you have a budget that can accommodate a team. We all know the burden of being overworked and underpaid, that’s definitely not how you get a smooth performance.

Just like your clients, your team needs your care and attention too.

If you don’t have a team yet, then hire good folks you know and reduce that burden. Having a team is like having a backbone; it is integral to your structure. Boosting your business will get easier.

Giveaways and Incentives

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They might seem like a waste of money but if handled with wisdom, it can give you the deliverables that you need. A freebie or incentives give your coaching business the attention it needs to boost the business.

A discount on a package or a free spa treatment does wonders for your coaching business. It will draw attention to the work that you do. Advertise yourself with freebies using the tool that social media is.

This generates the movement needed for your coaching business.

Freebies do wonder to your branding as well. Boosting your business means scaling up your branding as well. While giving away things it has to be related to your business and must be something that can be productive.

A coaching business is meaningful and inspirational; your free gifts must be of value.

This lets your potentials clients see what you have in store for them, what is the kind of service they will get. A coaching business is not like other businesses where there’s a clear trade.

In this business, you cater to a niche that sets you apart and that’s where incentives and giveaways hit home.

Incentives such as a discount or a free service (of your choice) help the clients you have currently, and the new ones you seek, reach out to your service. The popularity you gain helps bring in the demand.

Grow with Your Business: Redefine Yourself

As your business grows, so do you. You must remember this while boosting your business. You need to solve problems for others and you will be able to do that far better if you worked on yourself first.

You should be able to deal with the workload that comes in with expansion. Your focus increases with an efficient routine. Take up an activity, something that you indulge in for yourself.

Life, not just being a coach, is overwhelming at times; you need to have something that can help you get back on your feet.

Practising mindfulness has helped many coaches not lose their interest, thus not lose their focus. It helps people with being able to cope with low motivation, compassion and self-esteem.

Mindfulness lets you accept and relate unpleasantness letting you develop better methods to cope negative emotions. Become a newer version of yourself for the boost you intend to give to your coaching business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is coaching techniques?

Coaching techniques are a structured way to get someone to think and feel in a certain way. They are often used with an athlete or performer to attain excellence, but they can be used differently.

What techniques do coaches use?

There are many techniques used by coaches, but the following are some of the most popular ones. Motivational interviewing: It is a technique in which the coach uses a series of questions to determine the client’s readiness to change. It is based on the belief that change is not an event that should be pushed upon the client, but rather an occurrence that comes about as a result of their own decision to change.

What techniques are used in business coaching?

Business coaching is a powerful tool for guiding entrepreneurs to success by identifying and solving problems. Business coaching is used as a type of support for small business owners who don’t have the tools, which may include financial expertise, for running a successful business. Coaching can be a great way for business owners to achieve company goals and develop strategies for overcoming organizational challenges. Business coaching can take on several forms including individual, group, and team coaching.

How can you improve your business?

The key to success is to know yourself and know your competition. Try to make your services different from other businesses, let say if people like to go to a restaurant to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then don’t open up a restaurant that serves the same stuff. Try to create a niche for yourself. Another way to make your business profitable is to keep a tab on your budget and try to grow your business in a controlled environment.


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