[Case Study] Becoming An International Best Selling Author and Building Credibility

Today we have with us Ekaterina Koretskaia, She is a well-renowned relationship coach she was a client of our Accelerator also on our collaborative book as well and we are just coming off the heels of an international best-selling launch.

About Ekaterina Koretskaia

[Case Study] Becoming An International Best Selling Author and Building Credibility

Ekaterina is a happy mother of a teenager, is in a beautiful relationship with her new partner, and loves writing, drawing, hiking, and traveling. In 2020 she participated in a collaborative book project along with several other coaches which turned out to be a bestselling book across different countries.

Her willingness to help other women to do the same and never give up on themselves, finding self-love and true love, made her become a coach in the area of relationships, after a career of 15 years as a manager-coach in the corporate world. Ekaterina is offering tools of releasing emotions to mothers going or having gone through a divorce, helping them support their children to process their emotions as well, and build a brilliant new life. She uses the Feminine Power coaching principles*, as well as tools like EFT and others that she discovered through her own journey, with concrete and effective guidance for implementing them in daily life.

Ekaterina is also fluent in French and Russian.

Below are the excerpts from the Interview

1)  Tell us a little bit about what got you into coaching in the first place what inspired you?
  • At one point in my life, I felt like that I didn’t need a career I needed a calling. Yes, my career was great I achieved some incredible results but it was not aligned with my heart, I wanted a calling.
  • I went through a very deep transformation of my personal and professional life and I learned very powerful and effective tools along the way. So I wanted to share this knowledge and help people especially women who face the same challenge.
  • I was looking for the tools alone, I was not helped and it was quite tough so my goal and my deepest wish when I became a coach was to share my knowledge and the tools with women to get them to this result faster and feeling supported feeling encouraged by someone who has been there and who has figured it out that was my deepest desire.
2) Tell us a little bit about the results that you’re getting for your clients so when they come to you what can they expect to achieve?
  • Clients come to me when they are going to divorce or just have gone through a divorce and they struggle a lot in their personal life so my goal is to help them to recover to express their emotions in a very healthy way and to help their children to express their emotions because it can be a very traumatizing experience going through a divorce.
  • Once this grieving process has been embodied and once things get better a bit I guide them to build a brand new life on their terms that’s my goal.
  • It can be different things because it can be about their new family that dynamic to create a beautiful new family dynamic and all that while pacifying the relationship with the ex and believing in love again as well because it’s not very easy to be in love again when you have gone through this experience.
  • Those who feel ready to be able to attract true love in when they go through my program connect so deeply to who they are in their heart and what they want, they clarify their vision and they learn how to listen to the guidance from the universe as well and all this together magic happens.
3) You came to us a few months ago and you recently applied to become part of our book which as we said it just launched last week tell us about what made what got you to decide to work with us what inspired you to do that?
  • I decided first to work with you through Accelerator and then with the collaborative book project so for the accelerator program I was confident in my coaching skills because I was already getting results from my clients but I was not confident in my marketing skills at all.
  • I didn’t love the technology stuff very much and when I came across your program I felt like you cover everything that I need.
  • The collaborative book was an even much faster decision for me because it has always been a dream to write and publish a book for me since I was a child so when I had this possibility it was so beautifully combined with my coaching projects and it was just like magic for me.
4) We’ve come off the heels of the launch tell us a little bit about the results that you got through the launch?

I knew that publishing my story and sharing my story with the world was a very vulnerable thing even my family, my closest friends were not aware of all the things I shared we discussed it together and we were quite happy to learn that the other authors were feeling the same and it feels so much safer to be in a group of like-minded people who wants to impact the world positively, they all work together to do that it’s so inspiring so that you forget your stress and how amazing is it to start with the bestseller. It’s the first book I publish and I start with the bestseller it was just unbelievable and it wasn’t just a single bestseller, it was in a few different countries and many categories. So it was a worldwide success and in the first week just after a few days and I was like living in some surreal world during that week thinking is it happening?

5) Your journey and your life story get shared with so many people and have an impact on so many people as well how did that feel for you knowing that’s what happened?
  • So many feelings at once you that know I don’t even remember them all because it was just unbelievable but the first thing was like a dream true because deep in my heart since I was a child I wanted to write and publish a book and this was happening in such a beautiful and powerful way because my book was going to impact people’s life.
  • My second dream was having this kind of impact on people and sharing my ups and downs and helping people to figure their challenges this made my story very meaningful.
  • I knew I transformed and I am in a very different place now than the one I used to be before but it just increased the meaning of my story and it was meant to be able to help people after that because I’m one of those who are convinced that things happen for a reason but we just have to figure out what the reason is.
6) If somebody else was looking at applying to become part of the next book because it’s always an application process what would you say to them if they’re on the edge of deciding to apply versus null apply?
  • I would say just go for it because it’s just an incredible experience and it’s powerful for yourself it’s powerful for your close circle and it’s powerful for the world so you have the triple bottom line. There is no reason to think twice.
7) How Can People Contact You?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/catherine.koretskaia

Email : [email protected]

Website: https://ekaterinakoretskaia.com/


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