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Top 10 Best Rebirthing Coach Certification

When most people think about life coaching, they think about helping someone achieve a specific goal. But another type of coaching can be just as transformative: rebirth coaching. This approach helps people navigate the upheaval and change that come with significant life transitions, such as moving to a new city, starting a new job, or going through a divorce.

Top 10 Best Rebirthing Coach Certification Rebirthing Coach Certification

If you’re feeling lost and uncertain about your future, rebirth coaching can help you find your way. The coach will help you identify your goals and create a plan to achieve them. They’ll also provide support and guidance along the way.

Rebirth coaching isn’t just for individuals; it can also be helpful for couples and families who are going through a significant transition. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the changes in your life, it’s time to seek out some professional help.

In this post, we will discuss the top 10 Rebirth Coach Certifications. You will learn about the different training and certification programs available and the skills and experience you need to succeed in this career. You will also get a lot of answers related to choosing and starting a rebirth coaching as a career, so let’s get started!

In Brief : Top 10 Best Rebirthing Coach Certification

What is Rebirthing Coaching?

Rebirthing coaching is a holistic, integrative approach to wellness that uses breathwork and visualization exercises to help people access their authentic selves and achieve their goals. Coaches work with clients to identify their strengths and challenges, set realistic goals, and create a plan of action that will help them achieve their desired outcomes. 

Rebirthing coaching is a type of life coaching that helps people overcome blocks in their lives and find new ways to approach problems. Rebirthing coaches use various techniques, including breath work, to help their clients achieve their goals.

Many people find rebirthing coaching to help overcome issues such as anxiety, stress, and depression. The coach works with the client to help them understand the root cause of these problems and develop a plan for moving forward.

The breath work involved in rebirthing coaching can be very beneficial for helping people to relax and release negative emotions. The coach will help the client learn how to use breath work effectively so that they can continue using it on their own long after the coaching relationship has ended.

What are the benefits of Rebirth Coaching?

The benefits of Rebirth Coaching are vast and varied. First and foremost, coaching can help you identify your goals and develop a plan to achieve them. A coach can also provide support and accountability, which is especially important when following through on complex changes. 

Additionally, coaching can help improve your communication and problem-solving skills and your self-awareness. Rebirth coaching can be a powerful tool for growth and transformation, resulting in a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Another benefit of working with a coach is that it can help you to overcome obstacles and challenges in your life. A coach can provide guidance, support, and encouragement as you work through these challenges. They can also help you to develop strategies for overcoming these challenges.

Top Ten Coaching Certifications for Becoming a Rebirthing Coach

Below are listed 10 top-of-the-line Rebirth Coach Certifications you can get today to choose from according to your requirements and budget and kick start your Rebirth Coach career right away!

1. Rebirthing Breathwork: 3-week professional training

The Rebirthing Breathwork 3-week professional training provides an opportunity to become a certified Rebirthing Breathwork practitioner. The program is designed for people who want to learn how to use Rebirthing Breathwork in their personal lives, their work with clients, or their teaching practice. 

Dorien Blaauw, the founder of the training, has been teaching and practicing Rebirthing Breathwork since 1997. She is a certified advanced teacher with the International Breath Foundation and has more than 15 years of experience working with people from all walks of life. 

The training includes theoretical instruction, experiential exercises, and supervised practice sessions. Participants will learn about the history of Breathwork, the physiology of breath, and the principles underlying Rebirthing Breathwork. 

The first week is about getting to know yourself and the second is about getting to know others. In the third week, you will learn how to use Rebirthing Breathwork in your professional work. 

2. Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator Training – Karina Kalilah

In Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator Training, Karina Kalilah provides an in-depth look at Rebirthing Breathwork’s philosophy, principles, and practices. She also offers guidance on how to be an effective facilitator and coach for others interested in learning this Breathwork technique.

Kalilah’s extensive experience as a practitioner and teacher of Rebirthing Breathwork makes her uniquely qualified to offer this training. Participants will learn how to create a safe and supportive space for others to explore this Breathwork technique and how to help them integrate its benefits into their lives. 

The training begins with an introduction to rebirthing Breathwork and its history. Students learn about the benefits of the work, as well as the potential risks. They also learn about the physiology of breath and how to structure a rebirthing Breathwork session.

The second part of the training focuses on experiential learning. Students are guided through a series of breathing exercises and have the opportunity to lead a group in a rebirthing Breathwork session.

3. Chandra Polyak: Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator training

The Chandra Polyak Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator training is an opportunity to become a certified coach and learn the art of rebirthing Breathwork. The program provides participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to lead safe and practical sessions. The training covers topics such as the history of rebirthing Breathwork, physiology of respiration, session guidelines, and client assessment. 

Participants will also learn how to facilitate group sessions and work with different populations. The training is interactive and provides plenty of opportunities for hands-on practice. Upon completion of the program, participants will be certified to teach rebirthing Breathwork.

Chandra is a certified Rebirthing Breathwork facilitator and coach and has taught the practice for over 20 years. She is dedicated to helping people connect with their authentic selves, overcome self-doubt, and create lives they love.

4. International Certification in Breathwork Mastery

Zentrum International offers a Certification in Breathwork Mastery program designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to use Breathwork as a therapeutic tool. The program is taught by experienced professionals who have years of experience working with Breathwork.

The curriculum covers various topics, including the history of Breathwork, the physiology of breath, and how to use Breathwork as a tool for healing. Students also learn how to work with different types of clients, including those who are experiencing trauma or stress. 

They offer a comprehensive program covering all aspects of Breathwork, from history and philosophy to hands-on training; Zentrum International provides a well-rounded education for those who wish to become certified Breathworkers.

Zentrum International is not the only organization that offers certification in Breathwork, but they are one of the most respected. Those who have earned their certification can be assured that they are among the best in the field.

5. Self-Healing Through Breathwork

Self-healing through Breathwork certification is an option for those who want to learn how to use their breath to improve their health and well-being. There are many different types of Breathwork, but one of the most popular is rebirthing Breathwork. 

These 5-day immersions offer 31 hours of in-person training with a certified instructor, allowing you to learn about the breath and its many benefits and how to use it to promote healing in yourself and others.

Rebirthing Breathwork is a type of conscious connected breathing that helps release trapped emotions and energy. It can also help improve mental and physical health and increase vitality and well-being. 

Many different rebirthing Breathwork certification programs are available, both online and in-person. Rebirthing Breathwork International is one of the leading organizations in training and certifying practitioners in this type of Breathwork.

6. (International) Rebirthing Breathwork Trainings 2022

International Rebirthing Breathwork Training is happening all over the world. This training offers an opportunity to learn from some of the best instructors in the field of Breathwork. It is also a great way to connect with other people who are passionate about Breathwork and want to learn more about how to use this powerful tool for personal growth and transformation.

The Rebirthing Breathwork Training offered by Heike Strombach is unique in that they focus on the spiritual aspects of the work. Participants will learn about the history of Rebirthing Breathwork, as well as the philosophy behind it. They will also learn how to facilitate sessions and work with different types of clients.

The training is designed for people who want to become professional Rebirthing Breathwork facilitators and those who wish to deepen their personal experience with the work.

7. SpiritDance – Breathwork & Spiritual Coach Training | Sundoor

Sundoor offers certification in SpiritDance – a unique blend of Breathwork and spiritual coach training. The program is designed to help people create effective change in their personal and professional lives. 

The certification process begins with the foundations of Breathwork: learning how to use the breath to shift energy, open the heart, and connect with the divine. Students learn to apply these techniques as spiritual coaches, working one-on-one with clients or in groups. 

The training provides an in-depth exploration of the philosophy, principles, and practices of Sundoor, as well as the opportunity to experience a variety of Breathwork techniques. Participants also learn how to create and facilitate safe and practical sessions that support people in their spiritual growth. Upon completion of the program, participants receive a certificate of completion from Sundoor.

8. International School of Self-Esteem: Rebirthing and Leadership

The INTERNATIONAL SELF-ESTEEM PROJECT (ISEP) is a 12-month program that helps individuals from around the world develop their self-esteem and leadership skills. The program begins with a four-day rebirthing workshop, which helps participants get in touch with their inner selves and set goals for the year ahead. Participants then attend monthly coaching sessions, where they learn how to build self-esteem, set boundaries, and manage stress. In addition, they receive a leadership certificate at the end of the program.

Bob Mandel founded the International Self-Esteem Project (ISEP) in 1997 following a meditation. In the midst of his intense stillness, the thought “What is the thing you would most like to do to benefit the world?” crossed his head.

It teaches both children and adults how to accept their differences and to be at peace with themselves. Through a series of ten adventures, we discover that genuine self-esteem is holistic rather than egotistical. 

We are taught to respect the rights of others and to cultivate a positive sense of self. When we spread our light rather than keep it hidden, our spirit expands. Additionally, when we are open to relationships, it increases.

9. Rebirthing Facilitator Training

The School of Inner Medicine has been training Rebirthing Facilitators since 1995. The facilitator training is a comprehensive program that includes both didactic and experiential learning. To become certified as a Rebirthing Facilitator, students must complete the training and pass an exam.

The School of Inner Medicine offers two levels of facilitator training: basic and advanced. The basic training is for those who want to learn about Rebirthing and its benefits. The advanced training is for those who wish to become certified Rebirthing Facilitators.

The School of Inner Medicine is the only school in the world with certification in Rebirthing Facilitation. Graduates of our program are qualified to lead groups and teach others about the benefits of Rebirthing.

10. 100-Hour Healing Breathwork Facilitator Training

If you want to become a certified Breathwork facilitator, look no further! The 100-Hour Healing Breathwork Facilitator Training by Bookretreats is the perfect place for you to start. This intensive training offers everything you need to know to facilitate healing Breathwork sessions. 

The training is 8 weekends long, usually starting in the fall. In addition to the training weekends, participants are asked to complete reading and homework assignments. The training culminates in a final weekend where participants lead a Breathwork session for the group. Those who meet all requirements will receive a certificate of completion from the facilitator training program.

The program is designed to provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to work with groups and individuals. You will learn how to safely guide people through a Breathwork session and effectively address any concerns or issues that may arise. In addition, the training provides an in-depth look at the history and philosophy of Breathwork. Upon completing the program, you will be a certified healing Breathwork facilitator!

What are the career prospects of someone with a rebirthing coach certification?

A rebirthing coach certification can lead to many different career prospects. Some people may become self-employed and start their own rebirthing coaching business. Others may choose to become a trainer or teachers and help others learn about the benefits of rebirthing. There are many opportunities for those with a rebirthing coach certification, and the options are endless.

Some possibilities include working as a life coach, counselor, or therapist. A person with this certification could also work as a career coach or executive coach in the corporate world. Alternatively, they could start their own business as a rebirthing coach. 

The skills learned in the course can also work with people in other areas of their lives, such as health and wellness, personal growth, or relationships. With the right attitude and approach, a rebirthing coach can have a successful career helping others achieve their goals.

Skills needed for becoming a rebirthing coach?

Becoming a certified rebirthing coach requires specific skills. First and foremost, coaches must have a deep understanding of the rebirthing process and be able to communicate it to their clients. They also need excellent people skills, as they will be working with clients one-on-one for extended periods. 

Coaches must create a safe and supportive environment for their clients and empathize with them; they need to be certified in rebirthing Breathwork. They should have the ability to stay calm in difficult situations. Rebirthing can be an intense process, and coaches need to be able to handle stress and keep their clients safe. 

They must also have strong communication skills. Coaches need to be able to listen attentively and respond in a way that helps their clients move forward. The coaches should have a good understanding of human psychology. This knowledge will help them understand the root causes of problems and work with clients effectively.

Questions to consider when looking for a rebirthing coaching certification

When looking for a rebirthing coaching certification, you should consider a few questions. The first is what type of training do you want? Some programs focus on the theoretical aspects of rebirthing, while others offer more practical training. 

Another question is how long the program is and what it covers. Some programs are just a few days long, while others can last up to a year. Make sure you know what is covered in the program so you can be sure it meets your needs.

Finally, ask about the trainers. Are they certified, rebirthing coaches? What is their experience with rebirthing? Do they have a good track record of helping people learn and grow? These are essential questions to ask to ensure you get the most out of your training.


Coaching can help individuals achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Rebirth coaching is a specific type of coaching that can help people overcome significant life challenges and transitions. This type of coaching can be beneficial for people going through a significant life change, such as a divorce, the death of a loved one, or the loss of a job.

A rebirth coach will work with clients to identify their goals and create a plan to help achieve them. They will also provide support and guidance throughout the process. Rebirth coaching can be invaluable for helping someone move on from difficult life experiences and create a new chapter in their life. 

If you want to become a rebirthing coach, be sure to do your research and find a reputable certification that will provide you with the skills you need to be successful. Many programs are available, so take your time and find the one that is right for you. Remember, the key to success is to have a passion for helping others and providing them with the tools they need to improve their lives.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of getting a rebirthing coach certification?

There are many benefits of getting a rebirthing coach certification. One of the most important benefits is that you can help people achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Coaching is a great way to help people change their lives for the better, and it can be gratifying. Another benefit of getting a rebirthing coach certification is learning how to use Breathwork to help people relax and relieve stress. 
Breathwork is a powerful tool that can be used to improve mental and physical health, and it could also be used to promote self-awareness and personal growth. Getting a rebirthing coach certification will give you access to exclusive resources and support from other coaches. This support system can be invaluable when learning new coaching techniques and strategies.

How much does a rebirthing coach certification cost?

The cost of a rebirthing coach certification can vary depending on the provider. Some programs may have a flat fee, while others charge by the number of hours required to complete the certificate. In addition, many providers offer discounts for early registration or enrolling in multiple programs. 
Some providers offer payment plans, which can make the cost more manageable. It is essential to research different providers and compare prices before deciding. The cost of a rebirthing coach certification should not be the only factor considered; the program’s quality and the instructors’ experience are also essential factors.
Typically, a rebirthing coach certification costs between $500 and $1500. However, some providers offer even lower or higher prices.

How do you choose the proper rebirthing coach certification for you and your needs?

When looking for a rebirthing coach certification, finding one that is right for you and your needs is crucial. There are many different types of certificates available, so it is essential to do your research and find the best one for you. 
Consider what the certification offers and what type of training you will receive. Ensure the accreditation is reputable and has a good reputation in the industry. Ask around to see if anyone has any recommendations. 
Once you have found a few different certifications that interest you, it is essential to compare them. Look at the cost, the length of the program, and what is included in the training. Consider your personal goals and needs and ensure the certification can help you meet them. Talk to current or former students of the program to get their feedback on their experience.

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