Best Institutes for Coaching Certifications Compared [2021]

Coaching certifications and credentials, are these important? What do you think? Have you given a thought to it? Whenever I come across this term I personally feel it is highly overrated.

You must be thinking why so? Right?

If you do research on the coaching industry then you will find the most successful coaches started their coaching journey without any certification.

So, if you have decided to become a certified coach or if you are looking forward to building yourself as a successful coach then just don’t depend on coaching certification.

Life has lots of ups and downs. To meet the challenges, you need to gain experience in certain areas. If you are passionate to become a great coach, then don’t wait for certification.

I know you will say that these days, major emphasis is on certifications. It is a must in all the fields whether you are a lawyer or a trainer. If you are enrolling for a certification program, go for an authentic body. It helps in making your coaching work more credible for others.

Before you decide to start your coaching career, ask yourself the following questions-

Are you inclined towards coaching because you feel immense pleasure in helping people?

Does it bring a sense of pride when your mentees achieve success?

As a coach, you may need special skills to help clients overcome their fears. You may need proper training to make them the leaders they want to be.

Hence, a certification program can be an option but not a must. There are techniques through which you can guide the people.

The tools of the program can help you in tackling various situations. It can make your foundation strong but ultimately only your hard work will reap benefits.

What is a coaching certification?

A coaching certification consists of a complete program with a set of competencies that evaluates coaches on their proficiencies. It should be accredited by a governing body too.

Now, you will be thinking why is certification so important nowadays? It’s because of the mindset. Will you go to a doctor who does not have training after college or someone specialized?

Do you want to give a project to someone who is an amateur or the one who has taken training in that area?

You must have got an idea by now that coaching is a great responsibility. Thus, like other professions, this field requires training.

As a coach, you have the skill of guiding your clients to take a decision. This will impact their future and affect their lives. It includes decisions about personal issues, career or business plans.

To meet the training there are various certification programs. What are these coaching certifications?

Coaching certifications are a sign of achievement. It is for someone looking for building a career in coaching. This is because it gives you credibility and skills to grow your coaching business.

Many organizations these days are looking for coaches with credentials. These are from ICF or any other recommended institute. It is crucial for engaging clients. Some corporates will not appoint you without it.

Also, the corporates want their old coaches to have coaching certification. They need to renew the contract. Hence, the coaching certification provides coaches with recognition.

For this, you need to complete certain coaching hours. You should meet with standards of practice and follow accredited training.

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How do you think of your development as a coach?

You need to have continuing education and move ahead along with the changes in the industry. To fulfill such necessities you need coaching certifications.

When you hold an ICF credential growing your coaching business becomes smooth. You get new coaching skills that can help you guide your clients in the best possible way.

There are a lot of jobs that need postsecondary education. There is a huge difference between education and the workforce. This has emphasized getting certification. One should go for extra comprehensive training for meeting industry standards.

People look for someone who is having a certification or credentialed coach. The expectations of clients increases due to development in the coaching world.

You can keep clients if you are good at coaching skills. You can gain more clients with word of mouth marketing. This is possible with the help of coaching certifications.

How to get coaching certifications?

You need to work with your mentor coach. They will guide you on how to show your coaching skills. You need to focus on learning new techniques and tools for coaching.

There are various programs available these days for coaches. You can identify the one which suits your interests.

Coaching certification programs are having different training formats and levels. You need to choose them after proper scrutinization. Another major factor is the cost and budget.

If you gain certification, it shows how serious and committed you are to your profession. Also, it helps in developing a good professional relationship with the clients. They know how much you follow ethics and standards.

Upsides of coaching certification

With certain soft skills, you can become a successful coach. But a coaching certification can enhance those skills. You need the dedication to become a top-level coach. It includes a strong educational foundation, knowledge, experience, and qualifications.

Coaching certification can prove beneficial to individuals and companies.

Here are some major benefits of coaching certification for you to note down.

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Coaching certification provides job security

Professional coaches with certifications are in high demand. With better training and certification you can achieve job security. These certificates have approval at the global level. Hence, with the certification, you can achieve skills.

It can help you in building your expertise which is in high demand today.

Offers unique diverse areas to build a career as a coach

With coaching certifications, you can find out the areas of your interest. You can get specialization in any field. There are unique diversified areas to build your career as a coach. This is possible with the help of certification programs.

The programs offer different techniques related to the respective type of coaching.

Coaching certification gives a high level of flexibility

There is a choice for you once you achieve the coaching certification.

What is that choice?

You have a choice to start your own business or join some corporation. You can have flexible working hours and a fee of your choice in your own coaching business. With coaching certification, you get credibility. Also, people can put trust in your business.

Helps earn a good living

It is obvious that with the certification people see you as a professional coach. Thus, you can earn a good income using your skills, certification, and experience. You can design your fee structure as people will come to you depending on your skills.

While working with corporates also you can take home great rewards. This is because they also look for your certification and knowledge.

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Develops creative thinking

Coaching certification enables you to think out of the box. There are various techniques taught during certification programs. This can help you to think with full imagination.

As a coach, creativity can help you connect well to your clients. Creative solutions to your clients’ problems can motivate your clients to achieve their goals.

Coaching certification builds confidence

The best part about coaching certifications is you develop a lot of faith in yourself. You can identify where you are standing. The skills learned during training can help you move ahead in your coaching career. You can guide your clients with full confidence.

Downsides of coaching certification

Coaching certifications are expensive

The cost of education is increasing. It is more for specialized courses. It may happen that a coaching certification program may not fall in your budget. You may not afford it. It may happen that you may have to search for other less expensive options.

As long as you are ready to learn and explore on your own, coaching certifications really don’t matter. It may sound rude but I have seen a lot of certified coaches who cannot handle clients.

What is more important is your passion for coaching. Your passion and love for coaching can help build your coaching business.

High quality is not always guaranteed

The certification program which you have selected may turn out to be of poor quality. You may not find it up to the mark. It may happen that the results would not match your expectations.

Certifications can not always be tagged with high quality.

An individual may not benefit 100% from a program as individual requirements may differ from the programs.

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Coaching certifications are time-consuming

Coaching certification requires a lot of time. If you are already working, taking out time for such programs is difficult. Time plays a major role in building your business.

Are you struggling with time? Are you confused between certification or starting your business?

Then I would suggest starting your venture. Certifications are time-consuming and sometimes may kill your dream to start your venture.

May lack individual attention

While being part of group programs, your mentor may pay less attention to you. One to one coaching is not possible during such times. Thus, your doubts may not get solved fast.

You can try one to one coaching certification programs. But they lack proper training. It is better to choose after proper analysis.

Builds stress due to discipline and cost

You may undergo a lot of stress until you have completed your certification course. This is because you will have to complete all the modules or sessions on time. You cannot skip any.

Certification costs can also be a reason for stress as most of the certifications are expensive.

Best coaching certification programs of 2021

After deciding upon the certification, you need to choose the coaching certification program. A lot of you may think about online programs. Also, there are live classes or face-to-face interaction with mentors. It depends upon which learning style a person is preferring.

You can look for programs that provide practical and theoretical knowledge. For finding the right option you need to invest some time in research. Here are the major ones to look for.

Coach Training Alliance (CTA)

Coach Training Alliance is a fundamental change in professional coaching. It’s a leading, global coach training organization. You can maximize your potential via life coaching, professional coaching, and personal coaching.

It’s all done by enriching your lives and creating better, profitable opportunities.

Almost ten thousand coaches have joined the Coach Training Alliance. This is for approved certified coaching programs and continuing education courses. These are coaching programs, courses, and workshops with specialization.

It’s better to examine the program. It’s a Certified Coach Program offered by Coach Training Alliance (CTA).

Now let’s talk about its learning methods. For successful life coaching, CTA offers extensive study tools. It helps to deliver the foundational curriculum required. It’s all done due to its varied teaching methods.

It provides attention to business and marketing success, and trademarked Coach Training Accelerator. CTA is suitable to train coaches of all kinds.

CTA offers many program options for you to become a certified life coach. The design of the coaching is according to different needs. It matches your learning style and business goals.

You can go through their program at your pace. This you can do after deciding which one works best for your current career and lifestyle.

Completing CTA’s programs also provides you access to promote your new business. You can do this through its graduate directory site. There are connections to thousands of past students of the program.

You should focus on your timeline, budget, and business goals to understand programs. This is to make the best choice for you.

Institute of Professional Excellence In Coaching

IPEC is a coaching program for almost a decade. There is a high regard for the coach. It has locations and live conferences all around the United States. This program starts by providing foundations for life coaching.

Also, there are specialization options for students to make niche expertise. It makes the students capable to succeed in their respective specialties.

Now let’s talk about learning methods in this program. This program starts with online education sessions. These are for more than 350 hours of modules. First students do the majority of their programs online.

Next, they access live conferences in one of sixteen training locations. These live conferences and sessions provide students real-world feedback. Also the practice hours with peer “clients”. Also along with these, instructors are available for 1:1 questions.

In the entire program, students get benefits from mentor coaches. They can challenge their skill-building. Also, they help to decide on their ultimate niche or specialty.

Students also get access to business development training and a peer community. This is also available after certification.

This training program offers dual certification, hands-on education with industry-leading coaches.


CoachU prepares students for the successful completion of ICF-accredited certifications. CoachU is proud to have a multi-level approach to certifications.

One can complete an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and Master Certified Coach (MCC). Also, there is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

The above programs depend on your level of expertise and training. This coaching program offers essential skills training to succeed as a life coach. You can have the option of continuing education after getting ICF-accreditation. This is to continue building your skills.

Now here let’s talk about its learning program. This program begins with live teleconference classes and training. It offers the Core Essentials Program (CEP). This covers the foundations of coaching, ethics, and skills.

You can transfer into one of the two advanced coaching program options. It depends on your professional goals as a coach.

Top strategies to get clients without coaching certification

I know a lot of you are looking for strategies to get clients without coaching certifications. Are you? Then just check out what I have to add-

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Learn the art of networking offline

You can attract new clients by meeting them in social gatherings. There are chances of you getting fewer leads. But, still, it is worth a try. You need to check out which events will give you better results.

You should not show yourself as somebody looking for a business. To let someone hire, show yourself as a valuable resource. They will remember you next time when they meet you.

Get on the stage for a presentation

This is the smart way to get leads. You can share your expertise on stage. People will recognize you and your work. Here rather than experience, your communication skills are important. This is something built where you do not need any training.

You can place yourself in front of a group either as a host or a presenter. All you need to do is give a presentation like an expert. It will help people to know you better and learn from you.

Also, it is easy to set up such live talk shows. You have to do a bit of marketing, selecting the venue and choosing the proper topic.

Build a connection with other coaches

Instead of looking for mentors, you can connect with your competitors. People these days do not work alone. They love to collaborate. It is good to stay in touch with people who have similar interests to yours.

You feel good to interact with them and get innovative ideas. It is good to meet people who are from other coaching areas. This will help you get more clients through a reference. Also, you can gain great knowledge from each other.

Offer free coaching sessions

You can identify your ideal client and give them free sessions. You can target a specific segment and build your reputation at a faster pace. Free coaching sessions can help you connect more clients from across the globe.

Coach students of various colleges

You can take the college students as your future ambassador. You can train them certain skills through your free sessions.

This way they will know about your work and share it with more people. Your client base will increase. They can generate a good amount of leads through word of mouth.

Create your brand with a tagline

You can reach to your clients with a good brand statement. This will define the client you are targeting and how you are going to help them. It will focus on questions like why a coach like you is essential to them? How can you bring a difference in their life?

You need to keep the content relevant to the group you are focusing on.

You can include the message on the website and social pages.

Conduct events for your potential clients

Start connecting with new clients by conducting events. You can tell them on various topics. Let them know how coaching can make a difference in their life.

This way people will develop trust in you. Also, keep a session where people can come for discussions. All you need to do is build trust among your clients.

Create a Webinar which can have a huge impact

You can create an interesting Webinar in which you can mention the main points. It includes points like how you can solve the problems of people. How you can build the self-confidence of your client in a few hours? Your Webinar should provoke people to ask you further questions.

Use the internet to market yourself

You can prepare a coaching blog on different coaching styles. It can include some examples of how you made a difference in the lives of people through coaching. People will start reading it. You will find the difference when your blog reaches a large potential audience.

Also, you can create pages on social media platforms and start posting your videos on coaching. This can build huge credibility which is not possible through coaching certification.

You can also add video testimonials of your past clients on social media pages. This can be a short video on how your client’s life changed after your coaching.

Coaching programs are growing and so is their importance. Clients will ask for coaches who are high in standards and experiences. Thus, coaching certification will help clients believe they are in secure hands. This is because a certification leads to credibility in the coaching relationship.

Coaches who have attained proper training have gained great success. They work with complete confidence. To maintain a professional relationship with your client, it is a good option.

You can look for the best programs and add them to your portfolio. In no time you will get more business.

At the same time, it is not mandatory to have a certification. If you are really passionate then you can start off without certification. You have to take the call and get started.

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