Choosing The Best Coaching Style For Your Coaching Business

Which coaching style is best for your coaching business?

Are you looking for tips to kick start your coaching business? This is the place for you. If you are the one wanting your business to hit the top ten charts, your quest ends here. Yes, of course, it is never a piece of cake; it wasn’t for me either. You need to espouse a certain coaching style to get there.

What you will get here is way beyond the guidelines and coaching lectures you have read to date.

To save you from all the hassles that I had to face as a beginner, here is a sorted out list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to an effective coaching style.

You need to understand what a coaching business is. If you want to know more about coaching trends then do check out 30 Coaching Trends That You Must Know.

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What is your role as a coach?

To find the answer let’s dig into the core role of you as a coach. In a simple word, a coach is a guide helping someone to solve their client’s problem. A coach helps to realize and motivate one’s potential. A coach is expected to bring the best of people.

A coach should be able to listen to clients’ problems; get to the root of its cause and be able to come out with a solution.

The quality of a good coach is to understand his clients and their needs. So that you can pick the best coaching style and guide your client depending on their need.

Now you are aware of your caliber as a coach. The question next is.

How to start a coaching business?

There are a few things you need to cater to before you begin your coaching business.

Identify your Niche

You are here selling something abstract, the future outcome of their dreams. People come looking for a career guide, to improve their business, for better health, balance in family relationships.

Find a slot to begin with. You could always expand the services with passing time and gaining experience.

Find a name for your business

Find a name that is catchy and easy. Make it a brand. Because brands are what people trust these days. 

Find the way you chose to coach

Do you prefer coaching from home or want a separate structure allotted for your coaching business?

The choice is yours. 

But if you ask me, it is professional to have a separate slot for your business. Get a place where clients can visit you professionally without any disturbance. You could also opt for online coaching. Through Skype or Google Duo, hangout, that is if you have a strong internet connection.

Ola the business is all set for you to get started

And if you already have reached this far, that is it.

You already have your niche.

You have already finalized a name for your business.

And have an idea of the way of coaching you choose to take up.

And now you are aiming to knock down all your competitors in this field and be the best of all.

Are you the one now craving to polish your coaching skills?

This article is definitely for you! 

By the time you reach the end of this, you will be having an impeccable layout for your business…A perfect plan to work on how to deal with your clients’ issues.

Let me begin with……

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What is the coaching style?

If you take it in a simple word coaching is the personal help or a guide for individual betterment. One seeks help in their career, business structure, family life. 

So your coaching style depends on the need of the seeker. 

We cannot categorize all the needs into one box and put them under standard counseling.

So how do we go about it?

Well! In the first place, we need to group our clients based on their needs. 

The next is to address them accordingly.

Because the client doesn’t come to seek help only in one particular issue.

We get clients who struggle for guidance in their careers. 

Clients come looking for a mentor to build up their confidence. 

Clients also look for a balance in their family life. 

You as a coach have a very crucial role to play here. And it all depends on the coaching style you choose in dealing with their issue.

Before going into the coaching style there are certain coaching skills you need to imbue yourself with.

What are the skills to pick for your coaching style?

It is time to understand the coaching skill that would help you retain your clients.

If you master these skills your clients are going nowhere for sure.

Have good body language to perfect your coaching style

Your body language speaks before your words. Always make yourself approachable for the clients. Remember you need them more than they do. If they don’t find you open, they have many options to choose from. Your client’s retention completely relies on the way you deal with them on day one. 

Be a patient listener to understand your clients

You need to be a good listener. They need someone to hear their say. Let them speak out at first. Just be there to listen to them empathetically. Keep your suggestions with you for a while. This will help you win their confidence. Listen with your whole heart.

Make a plan to find out a perfect style for your client

Plot a plan while listening. Yes, you need to plot a plan on a how-to guide that particular client out of his problems. You need to categorize his needs and find out the perfect style to coach him.

Come up with stories with clients facing similar problems. If you don’t have one borrow it from someone else, make then yours. 

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Communication skills can master your coaching style

Now your communication skills step in. A good coach is always a great communicator. You must know how to cast your spell on the person asking for help. The choice of your words and your content should be able to create a bond with your client. Where you must know your boundaries; give them the space they need while dealing with their issues. Be attentive to what they say. Prioritize them, above your phone call, your popping messages or any other visitors in between. This reveals your professionalism and your dedication to your job. 

The style of coaching you pick must be able to gain the trust of your client.

Your words must be able to retain them.

Your action plan must be able to help them get what they have come to you for. 

Your entire business lies in the coaching style you adopt. 

Question your client.

What, how, when… questions like these will help you get a deeper vision of your client’s situation.

Ask them questions like…

How do you see your future after this?

What is stopping you?

Is there anything from within holding you up?

What made you choose this sport or business?

Let them talk. And you will find a solution in their answer to this question.

You have to act as their teacher, helping them build their confidence. Giving them the inside visions of themselves. These wants helps them in making a conscious decision. Show them the ways to delve into their plans.

You are here for a reason, right? 

I am pretty sure you have an aim in mind. Maybe you want to beat that six-digit earning coaching business you have heard or read of.

If you are here for that reason; I would say you are on the right page.

Trust me, you will not just reach there, but this article will help you go far beyond that.

Yes, you heard it right….

Now you must be wondering how? 

Let my experience do the talking now.

Your coaching skills will help your clients stay back. Whereas your coaching styles help you deal with their needs.

This statement might have raised a question in your mind. Do check out 30 secrets to building a thriving coaching practice to set up your business.

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Which coaching style is good for you?

The coaching-style is the way of dealing with the clients. And it is based completely on their needs.

Some clients take coaching professionally and prefer to be dealt that way. But some wouldn’t mind your little fluid approach.

Keeping their needs in mind, you could choose any from the list of coaching styles below.

Autocratic Coaching

It is more or less like do as I say. Here coaching is followed in a disciplinary manner. You are the one to take the lead and instruct the client with a pre-set method.

There is hardly any room for alteration here. This is the most preferred coaching style in sports, business, and military training. You have authority over your clients.

Democratic coaching

This is a little easy-going, as compared to autocratic. Here Client has the liberty to choose his way out. Your role is that of a guide. Providing them the option to choose based on their necessity.

It’s obvious when it comes to shaping one’s career they know their way better. This helps the client in taking control of their decision. This coaching style is best when it comes to career coaching, financial guide or for those clients seeking help in their personal growth. 

Holistic coaching

When it comes to dealing with a client looking for better health and balance in life, a holistic coaching style comes into action. This style focuses more on the overall growth of an individual. It helps your client understand their inner self and their place in society.

So what is your role here?

You are here to motivate them for their better health, to balance work and life and to get a calmer mind.

You are there to make them realize their uniqueness and encourage positive changes in the individual.

Solution Focused Coaching

This involves a lot of interaction between the coach and the client. Question them about their goals, ask them questions like.

What do you want to achieve?

What will happen when you get there?

How do you start?

This will help them get a clear vision of their goals.

You need to focus on finding the solution and assist them in achieving their goals. 

Intuitive coaching

Help your clients understand what they want from their life. Help them understand their overall strength, their likes, and dislikes. It could be achieved through meditation or alignment of our life chakras. Help them realize their worth and bring balance in life.

By the end of the session, your client should be able to get their answer to the questions like…

What do I want to become?

What do I create out of my life?

Vision Coaching

You have a crucial role here in helping your client focus on thinking about the future. Help them emphasize on the outcome and succeed in discovering their full potential. 

Transformational Coaching

For the clients looking for a change in their life, you should be able to assist them. Cultivate awareness and make them able to choose their goals. Make them realize that the fear is always there, all they need to understand is; what they want is beyond that fear. You should be able to build up that confidence in them. 

Make them know the priority of their commitments and the values in their life.

You should be able to rescue them from their constrained beliefs and broaden their potentiality beyond their imagination.

Mindful coaching

Make your clients reflect on themselves and awaken their self-awareness and that of their surroundings.

This helps in reducing life stress. Your client will be able to empathize with others more. This results in a healthier mindset and a better workplace. It will also help them to improve their work efficiency by increasing their concentration. 

This is the list of coaching styles for you to choose once you are aware of your client’s necessity. 

Don’t miss out on the technique to deal with your clients’. 

So, if you blend these coaching styles with a proper technique you will be able to reach your client in the best manner. 

Are you now wondering…….

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What is a coaching technique?

Well, let me begin with the basic difference between the coaching style and the coaching technique.

Style is what you follow when you address the client whereas techniques are the hacks you adapt to know the client’s problem.

Style is a method to find a solution while techniques are the way through which you understand the problem.

It is your technique that helps you retain your client. And the style you chose will help you to get the problem solved.

These techniques are also what you practice for your betterment as a coach. 

And you will be able to assist them with the styles depending on their goal to be achieved.

Help your clients improve their lives using these techniques. 

These coaching techniques without fail will help you improve the client base for your business. 

Show your clients that you can be trusted.

You don’t prefer to be treated by a doctor you don’t trust. 

Unless you can build that trust with them, your client will not choose you. So find a way to win their trust. 

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How do you build trust with your clients?

Be a good listener

You need to be a good listener. Takedown notes when they share their problems. Make them believe you are listening. Refer to your notes when they come for their class the next time. This little habit of yours will show them how interested you are in helping them out.

Get emotionally connected

Try to understand the situation through their perspective. Try putting yourself into the sufferer’s shoe. This exercise will help you understand the barriers to their success. If you get what is stopping their growth you can come out with a better solution.

Be the source of motivation

Help them understand their strengths and motivate them in cultivating the best in them. 

Find out ways to connect with your clients

Not everyone feels comfortable talking. Maybe writhing could help them vent out their hearts.

Make this a practice too if you want to know more about their problem.

This will help you get a proper idea, which again will get you the best way of solving them.

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Show your passion in your work

Coaching is your passion, that’s why you came up with this idea of business, right?

Show how passionate you are when it comes to helping people out.  

It is your love for what you are doing decides its success. If you are not happy and motivated, you can never understand your client. Forget about getting a solution to their problems.

GROW model technique

This method will never fail you. 

Here G stands for Goal…If you can figure out the goal of the client, what the client wants from himself. And what he is expecting from you as a coach. You will know how to approach him.

R is for reality… his current position. From this, you could calculate how far he or she is from their destiny. 

O for Obstacle that lay on her or his growth. Identify those barriers and help your client overcome them.

W stands for the way to move forward. Now you know the goal of your client, her current position and the obstacles stopping reach there. You can easily find a way to the solution.

In case you want to know more about coaching techniques then read out 20 most effective coaching techniques.

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Is certification necessary to master coaching style?

Now that you have your coaching skill; you know what coaching style to chose and the techniques to deal with your client. You might be now wondering what is the certification needed to get started with the coaching business?

This is the question that comes to you when you think of starting any business.

So does certification matter when it comes to coaching business?

Well, there are no such written rules regarding the certifications. If you are good at connecting with people or have good communication skills. If you can recognize the problem of people and come out with the best solution for them. You are very well certified to start a coaching business.

But, if you have a certain certification of some Psychological courses by your side it would assist you in understanding the human mind better. And also gain quick confidence of the client.

If you often use mindful coaching or holistic coaching style while healing the client, your certification in the field of meditation would further strengthen your hold.

Don’t forget to share the unique experiences of your life; your achievements. Your journey to your dream might have stories of your struggle. Like, what you faced while treading on them? And how did you overcome them? Make your experience your tool.

Every single session, for you, is an option to groom yourself as a better coach. Never skip that chance. Each of the cases that come to you could be used as a reference for future clients.

Life is very complex and to survive this world of competition people look for solace. Rejections and failure aren’t easy to deal with. The deadlines they are to meet back in the office by the end of this month are killing their family life. This is when they come to a coach for guidance.

Remember it is you who they come to. Your role as a coach is to explore their strengths and weaknesses. Help them realize their worth and improve their efficacy.

You as a coach is here with an aim, which is of course to improve people’s life.

These coaching techniques will help you retain your client.

A good listener and your approachable personality are the coaching skill that can get you to the bottom-line of their needs. And these coaching styles will help them achieve what they want. You have to give them the motivation they need to deal with the challenges they are thrown upon. As a coach it is your responsibility, to direct them to the path of success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a coaching style?

A coaching style is one of the multiple ways people coach and develop others. There are many types of coaching styles, and you might want to consider which suits you best. 

What is the most effective coaching style?

Behavioral coaching is the most effective coaching style. It is a counseling technique that emphasizes skills to modify problematic behaviors and build on strengths for desired outcomes.

What are the 4 main coaching styles?

The four main coaching styles are autocratic, democratic, laissez-faire, and authoritarian. Autocratic style is for people who want someone to take charge of things, but they do not want to be involved with planning. Democratic style is for people who want to be involved in the process of what is happening. Laissez-faire is for people who just want their coach to give them information on how to do things.

How to start a coaching business?

A great way to start a coaching business is to research what people are looking for and think of ways to provide that service. Some ways may be to sit down and write down everything that you know how to do and then look for opportunities to do these things. This could be anything from tutoring, to giving lessons on makeup and hair, to managing other businesses and calling it consulting.

How do I choose a coaching style?

The only way to figure out which coaching style is right for you is to try them all out. You can find a plethora of coaches who use different approaches on a variety of coaching websites, so it’s a matter of finding a style that resonates with you and fits with the person you want to be as a coach.

Is certification necessary to master coaching style?

Yes, according to a recent discussion on LinkedIn, certification is necessary in order to master coaching style. This discussion argued for the necessity of certification by pointing out the need for standards to be met in order to improve coaching expertise. 



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