How to Become the Best Presentation Coach [2021]

Many can speak but only a few can influence the audience. Often people struggle to engage their audience and nail their presentations. Some are weak at public speaking skills, others lack social skills.

Unsuccessful presentations can ruin deals and demotivate people. This is the reason that people look to hire presentation coaches who can polish their skills. Coaches have experience and coaching tools to nail the client’s presentations.

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Do you think you have good articulation skills?

Do your friends and colleagues come to you for guidance on their presentations?

Do you know how to engage and connect with the audience during presentations?



This means that you can be a great fit to become a presentation coach.

This article covers everything that you must know to become a presentation coach. By the end of this article, you will get the answer to all your questions.

Let’s first understand what exactly is presentation coaching.

What is Presentation Coaching?

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Presentation coaching helps clients to create and deliver awesome presentations. The coaching helps the audience to remember the message long after they walk out of the doors.

Coaching helps clients to develop natural skills to deliver and impress the audience. The audience may consist of one client, a small group or a packed auditorium.

Presentation coaches work with diverse clients:

  • Introvert professors
  • Marketing VPs with marketing presentations
  • Visual artists who aren’t comfortable with speaking about their work etc.

Presentation coaching helps clients to calm nerves and deliver the best. This happens by applying various coaching techniques and strategies. These include:

  • Improving communication skills
  • Coaching the client with the presentation content
  • Building confidence
  • Developing an influential personality that the audience would love to hear
  • Overcoming weak areas with continuous support
  • Leveraging strengths to make the full use of one’s potential etc.

How does a presentation coach ensure presentation success?

A presentation coach helps clients to face the following six presentation challenges.

Presentation Psychology

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This is the biggest challenge that most of the beginners face. This consists of:

  • Fear
  • Uncertainty
  • Nervousness
  • Doubt
  • Anxiety

In other words – FUNDA. FUNDA prevents people to communicate well with the audience. A camera or a large group of the audience may cause anxiety, shortness of breath, cotton tight mouth, etc.

To communicate in an efficient way, one needs to overcome FUNDA. Presentation coaches help the clients to achieve the same.

They help clients to overcome camera shyness. They coach techniques to speak with charisma in front of the camera. Coaches guide the clients to overcome the fear and enjoy the attention. Presentation coaches coach the clients to become a wonderful presenter and influential leader.

Delivery of presentation

No matter how much the content is good, if the delivery is bad, the message will suffer. It is the same as going to a restaurant and waiting long with the dish. In last when the dish arrives you see that it is cold.

Many people fail to deliver important messages. Poor eye-contact, no interaction, poor body language, etc. can be amongst various reasons. One of the reasons why people fail to give a good delivery is because they think they are good. They are not aware of their weaknesses and they don’t know how much they can improve through coaching.

Presentation coaches help clients to realize the mistakes that boring presenters make. They coach the clients to reduce the use of filler words. They help clients to use the key elements in an effective way for presentation delivery. These consist of:

  • Eye contact
  • Energy level
  • Body language
  • Voice control
  • Confidence etc.

Coaches guide clients to manage the energy of the room and engage the audience.

Structure of presentation

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This is not about the structure of the content but the entire preparation. Many people make the following mistakes while crafting and preparing for the presentations.

  • They procrastinate till the last minute and go into panic mode.
  • They spend a lot of time thinking and creating content. This leads to less time for rehearsal.
  • They try to include everything in the presentation. This makes the presentation less persuasive.

Presentation coaches help the clients speak impromptu. They coach clients to create influential and creative content. Coaches guide to understand the audience. They help to create a presentation that can give a whole-mind experience.

Coaches teach how to open a presentation in a powerful way and grip the audience till the last. With a presentation coach, the clients can master the style to deliver a compelling offer.

Increments of influence

Often people are excellent presenters but they fail to move the audience to take action. People compliment them after their presentation but none wants to buy their offer.

Presentation coaches give clients that extra strategy to increase their conversations. This moves the audience into action. Such coaches help clients to develop their signature story. They help clients to incorporate such stories into presentations.

Presentation coaches also teach clients to handle objections during story-telling. They guide clients to use principles to influence the audience through their presentations.

Presentation marketing

Presentation coaches help clients to build their sales funnel and revenue model. They help clients to enhance their speaker bio and marketing materials. They coach effective techniques to attract attendees and promote presentations.

Such coaches know how to leverage social media marketing and video marketing. Presentation coaches teach the best ways to convert presentations into lead-generation machines.


In the end, a client is not alone in integrating all the above steps. Here too presentation coaches come to the rescue. They ensure that all the steps integrate in a proper way. They give clients preparation strategies. They ensure that the client makes enough rehearsals before the presentation. They provide the right feedback so that the clients can keep on improving.

Who are the potential clients of a presentation coach?

Are you thinking about how to get your ideal clients fast?

If yes, then the first step is to fix your target audience. Once you decide your target audience, you will start getting your ideal clients. There are various sections of the audience that you can choose from. Let’s have a look at some of them.

The beginners

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These may consist of clients who have no experience in public speaking. Such clients may have confidence but may not be certain. Addressing a group of the audience may make them experience FUNDA. FUNDA stands for(Fear, uncertainty, nervousness, doubt, anxiety).

Such clients may be starting out a business or having the need to present in the office. These are the ones who are looking for improving their presentation skills. Their main aim is to communicate with confidence.

People who are in the sales domain

Such people already have basic presentation training. They look for someone to help them get advanced training. Their presentations may be boring and not effective. They look for creative ways to present and attract their audience. Such professionals are looking to improve their traditional sales training. They look for influential strategies to outperform their competitors.


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Entrepreneurs need to present at various instances:

  • In sales meetings
  • In front of investors
  • Webinars
  • Public seminars
  • In front of masterminds groups etc.

Every public speaking event for them is an opportunity to capitalize. Improving communication skills become important to inspire the team and get new clients. Effective presentation skills help them to become an “authority” in their industry. Such people look for becoming flexible communicators so that they can brand themselves.

The executives

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Executives spend a lot of time presenting their ideas. For them, every meeting counts. They want to become a master of “idea selling”. Such executive professionals present to a variety of audiences. These may include:

  • Employees
  • Shareholders
  • Stakeholders
  • Clients
  • Fundraisers
  • Medi professionals etc.

Such people look for new presentations strategies and ideas to influence their audiences.

The professional speakers

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These are professional speakers with years of experience. They have given small, medium and big presentations. These are quite comfortable with public speaking and presenting their ideas.

Still, they seek for presentations coaches to identify areas for improvement. To remain unique they look for creative and trending strategies of presentation. They look for coaching tools that can make them better in selling products.

Why do people hire a presentation coach?

Are you curious to know why would someone hire you? Below are a few reasons. Let’s have a look.

To develop great content for the presentation

Organizing and structuring the content of presentations is a difficult job for many. People hire presentation coaches who can guide them to incorporate important points. Coaches help them to give a smooth structure to their presentations. They help them to edit their content and include proper imagery. Coaches guide on sound effects, visuals, and other enhancements.

To deliver great presentations

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People hire presentations caches to guide them on what they aren’t able to see. Coaches work on improving the skills of the clients. This ensures that they master the art of presentation in a gradual way.

To overcome the fear of presenting

Presentation coaches show many ways to lessen the anxiety of the clients. They help clients to channelize their energy. With the right coaching strategies, the presentations can turn impressive from boring.

For continual reinforcement

Improving one’s presentation skills is a process, not an event. Professional coaching helps people develop the skills and confidence that they are lacking. These stay with the clients even after the coaching program ends.

Hiring a presentation coach is a solid investment. But, how would you make your clients realize that? Below are certain convincing reasons for the same. Convey them to your clients so that they can discover your importance.

Why is hiring a presentation coach a solid investment?

  • The coach can cut the learning curve to a great extent. Such coaches have “been there and done that”. They can help clients to avoid the mistakes which they have seen past clients commit.
  • The coach gives personalized feedback that helps clients to improve.
  • The coach creates a plan for the clients and holds them accountable for actions.
  • The coach motivates and drives the clients to give their best.
  • The coach reduces the fear of public speaking. He/she coaches to develop, practice and deliver awesome presentations.

What are the benefits of presentation coaching?

Are you still confused about whether to kick-start a presentation coaching business?

Are you worrying about whether the coaching business would work?


Let’s have a look at some of its great benefits to realize its worth.

Presentation coaching helps you master the following presentation skills:

  • Launching the presentation
  • Tailoring the message to the target audience
  • Improving vocal power. Softening an over-impressive speaking style
  • Crafting a compelling closure
  • Mastering body language and facial expressions
  • Interacting with the audience
  • Leveraging tools to make visually attractive presentations
  • Command the stage
  • Handle questions, objections and push backs
  • Developing stage presence and confidence
  • Developing an audience-centered personality
  • Developing a natural and conversational speaking style

Where can the benefits of presentation coaching apply?

  • While pitching to clients and investors
  • Business meetings, team meetings, and panel discussions
  • Interview preparation for getting jobs
  • Award ceremonies
  • Academic convocations, speeches, and presentations
  • TEDx talks
  • While speaking before media
  • Political debates, press conferences, and debates
  • Seminars and webinars

What do people consider before hiring a presentation coach?

If you want to become a hireable coach you must know what do people consider before hiring one. This will help you to prepare in advance.

Let’s have a look at some of such factors that a client may consider.

Level of connection

Can the coach build a connection with the client? Can the coach make the flow of information clear and logical?

Coaching Style

Is the coach intellectual or psychological or imaginative?


People look for presentation coaches that have expertise in the area of their need. For eg., a prospect may look for a presentation coach who has experience as a voice instructor.

Sample coaching session

Many people look for presentation coaches who can give them a demo coaching session. This helps them to understand better whether the coach can be a good fit or not.

Client testimonials

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People look to hire coaches that have served similar clients before. Positive client testimonies help in demonstrating the skills and caliber of a coach.

Is the coach a good listener?

People look for coaches who can listen rather than talking more. They know that coaching is more about listening, observing and analyzing than talking.

Way of giving feedback

Often people are already demotivated by hearing negative feedback. Harsh comments and frequent rejections already weaken their confidence. Such people look for coaches who can give constructive feedback in a gentle tone.


People look for coaches who can be flexible in their schedule and process. Many people look for coaches who can be flexible in their format of engagement. For eg., you may run one-to-one coaching sessions but people may want online sessions. Now, your flexibility will determine how things proceed.

Coaching techniques

Most people look for coaches who have techniques to unlock the full potential of clients.


People look for coaches that come from a background of public speaking or similar.


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Some clients may consider references of the coach to better know the coach. They may want the contact details of the references so that they can make their choice

How much does a presentation coach charge?

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The fees that presentation coaches charge depends on the following factors:

  • Market trends
  • Region
  • Coach’s experience and skills
  • Scope of work
  • The coaching model that the coach follows
  • Traveling charges
  • Add ons or extra support

You will usually find a range of $2k-$10k. It is common to see a presentation coach charge $2,500 for a half-day session, plus travel costs.

You might be thinking what is the reason behind such variation in the prices?

Well, the answer to this is a lack of standardization. Also, many presentation/public speaking coaches do not coach full time.

  • Some coaches do presentation coaching on the side to keep them busy and for extra income
  • Some of them are marketing or management consultants. They coach the presentations to the best of their abilities.

Pricing and packing your coaching services play a great role to decide your income.

You can try out various coaching business models. Choose the one which you think you will be the most comfortable with. Also, take care to select the model that your target audience will want the most. Do proper research and analysis before fixing your coaching business model.

As per your coaching model you can charge different rates.

For eg.

Hourly sessions – $350- $500

Three-hour package – $850-$1000

Four-hour sessions per week – $2000-$4000

Online coaching – In any of the choices above via 1:1 zoom/skype sessions.

You can also offer extra support and charge for the same. This may include:

  • Off-hours support
  • Ebooks, audio recordings and video materials
  • Email support
  • Webinars and workshops etc.

Do I need any certifications to become a presentation coach?

No, certifications aren’t a necessity.

You may think if that is the case why do many coaches opt for coaching certificates?

US coaching industry is still not well-regulated. It is very easy for a person to boast himself as a coach without much experience and expertise. So, some clients look for coaching certifications as they ensure the coach’s credibility.

But, this is not always the case. Often coaches do have certifications but they are weak at practical knowledge. As a result, they fail to bring a transformation in the clients.

As a presentation coach must have the following with or without certificates:

You must also know the pros and cons of coaching certificates before you decide. In case you want to get certified, choose one of the best institutes for coaching certifications.

Tips that a coach can give clients for nailing their presentations

As a presentation coach, you must know what makes a memorable presentation. Below are certain tips that will help your clients to excel.

Exude confidence

This means to have focus and full relaxation. Above all, enjoying oneself during presentations.

Making the audience feel important

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During the presentation, everything that one does must revolve around the audience. The audience should feel special.

Use self-disclosure

Nobody likes a traditional presentation where the presenter only speaks the company line. The audience like a presenter whom they can connect with. The presenter much show a personal side for doing so. Let the audience know what you feel and why do you feel so.

Using humor

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Being professional doesn’t mean that you have to be serious all the time. Nothing relaxes and interests the audience more than a sense of humor. The presenter must be light-hearted and add a touch of humor wherever possible.

Use stories, analogies, and metaphors

These elements bring your message to life. Also, never underestimate the power of your voice. You must have the ability to express passion for even the most mundane subjects.

Energy and Enthusiasm

These are the prime elements to influence the people during the presentation. One must know how to channelize their energy during the presentation. This involves making use of the stage, voice modulation, using powerful words, etc.


The best speakers are the ones who want to make an impact. Your attitude during the presentation should reflect how passionate you are.

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