The Definitive Guide to Become an Effective Energy Coach [2021 Edition]

An energy coach is an expert who works on the thoughts and emotions of people. A coach can use the right energy for empowering his clients for making good choices. These good choices can help the clients create the life of their values and dreams.

The right energy can boost the confidence of your clients and help them fight negativities around.

Have you helped your friends and colleagues reach their highest potential?

Can you assess the energies around people?

Do you believe in the power of positive energy?

Are you passionate about sharing your knowledge of energy with people around?

Yes? Then you can make a positive impact in the lives of many and can be a successful energy coach.

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Who Is an Energy Coach?

An energy coach is a mentor who shows his clients the power of energy. A coach guides his clients in cultivating energy that can help them achieve their goals. An energy coach helps his clients in improving their lives by shifting energy in the right direction. The coach gives a clear understanding of positive and negative energy. How can people reach positive aspects? What are the energies in the favor of clients? An energy coach studies all this and more.

It is true that with the help of our thoughts, the body creates energy. Energy produces the vibrations in our mind and body. This affects moods. People gain or lose confidence depending on it. An energy coach knows about this process. He or she guides how one can become mindful of such a process. The energy coach trains on controlling the emotions. It helps in making a person a better version of themselves. Clients realize where they should focus their energy on.

An energy coach interacts with clients on their life issues. Through this, a coach knows what is the thing which the client is holding back. A coach studies the energies that surround the clients which do not let them go ahead in life. Then a coach works with clients in analyzing those energies and helps them to set themselves free from unwanted energy. This can help a client in finding new paths.

A client may find an issue in shunning the negative vibrations in his or her mind. But this is possible if the client consults an energy coach. Together both can work upon overcoming the negative energy. A coach can remove the past which is dwelling in the mind of a client. Through an energy coach, one can get back the lost enthusiasm. One can rebuild confidence and throw away the burden of the past. A coach provides coaching training for forming positive thoughts in the mind.

The energy coach also performs the evaluation task. He or she checks the energy patterns and areas where a client is energetic. Thus, it helps in focusing on positive energy. A coach shares with clients about healthy belief systems. It helps in creating peace in the life of a person.

The energy coaching business involves using the methods for shifting the energy towards goals.

A lot of different areas come under energy coachings like career, health, and more. The coach forms the plan after reviewing the client’s needs.

As a coach, you must focus on the transformation of your clients. Find out new ways that can help your clients’ soul growth. The client should gain confidence after your coaching.

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Who Are the Prospective Clients of an Energy Coach?

An energy coach can use various coaching tools and guide anyone. This is because at some point in time people fall under the trap of negative energy. Hence, they all need coaching training. The energy coach can guide different types of people. Let’s see who can be their prospective clients.


A lot of successful women cannot find peace in their life. This is because they are overachievers. They need harmony in their professional and personal life. Also, a lot of women are facing challenges in their relationships. They are not happy in their current life and want a soul transformation. As a coach, you can guide these women in channelizing the energy.

A lot of women suffer from chronic illness. They desire to get a balance in energy. An energy coach can help them withdraw old energy patterns.


Empaths are people who look for solutions to balance energy. They can make people stay in a positive energy state after using your coaching tools.

Also, they study the shifts in energy. But they do not know the ways of protection against such energies. They want help in identifying and researching the soul path. What are the techniques for using their gift? How can they connect with wisdom or healing power? An energy coach can walk them through the coaching tools and provide answers.


Writers sometimes need an energy coach for generating new ideas. Their profession needs them to find what their heart is saying. How can they find their voice? Which coaching tools will help them in preparing better content? They can approach an energy coach for improving their work. This is because a writer also has certain emotional barriers and energy coaching training can make them overcome it.

Business Executives

In the business world, there is a lot of stress. Executives need to develop focus and remove past burdens. They should become efficient in grabbing opportunities. An energy coach can provide coaching tools. It can help business executives in forming new ideas.


A lot of students may face issues in concentrating. There is fear in their mind about different things. This includes getting good grades or finding admission in a good university. They must approach an energy coach for overcoming negative vibes.

As an energy coach, you can improve the lives of people around you. Anyone struggling with negative thoughts can be your client.

Methods of Energy Coach for Coaching

There are various tools and techniques which an energy coach uses. Here are different methods which you can use to improve the lives of your clients.

Clearing energy with old beliefs or emotions

A lot of people follow old thoughts. It makes them feel more stuck in life. This is where they can overcome emotions. An energy coach finds out the problem area and helps in clearing it. This is done through one on one sessions with different coaching tools like music therapy, meditation, and more. As a coach, you can also adopt techniques like visualization and affirmations for achieving positive energy.

Attitudinal assessment

Attitudinal assessment works when you are dealing with corporates or executives. As a coach, you can check the changes in their attitude which can help in understanding their mindset. How are they behaving in different circumstances? What is bothering them? Are they doing anything to overcome it? As a coach, you can find out the answers by practicing different coaching exercises.

Conversation technique

The conversation technique is very important. In this technique, an energy coach asks questions to his clients. The process involves knowing about the client’s past and present. It involves going deep inside the mind of people.

As an energy coach, you have to try different methods for creating positive energy among your clients.

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Why Should One Approach an Energy Coach?

An energy coach uses different coaching tools for transforming people. He or she focuses on soul growth. A lot of people lose confidence and a coach can help in rebuilding it. Here are the major reasons why an energy coach is important.

Guides in achieving dreams

An energy coach can guide people in achieving their dreams. An energy coach can help them in fulfilling dreams by overcoming their old energy patterns. A coach can instill positive energy in their clients by motivating his clients to appreciate past achievements. This brings positivity to their clients and helps them achieve their dreams.

Helps in unlocking the potential

A positive mindset is a must for growth. Through an energy coach, one can identify his or her potential and then work hard for achieving the set targets.

Supports in overcoming emotional barriers

A bad experience in the past may stop a lot of people from moving ahead. It may also result in negative vibes. With the help of an energy coach, people can get away from past burdens. The coach and the client work together to prepare a plan for moving ahead. It brings positive vibrations in mind and soul. This also removes the habit of thinking negatively.

Guides in building a new world

An energy coach helps people in bringing their confidence back. People find new things around them. They also see themselves in a new way. One can overcome doubt, anger, confusion, and procrastination. A client builds a new outlook on life with the help of an energy coach.

Identifies the negative energy and its source

An energy coach can identify negative vibes and help their clients in becoming more productive. This helps the clients to attain peace and make positive choices. This can also help clients in transforming every aspect of life. A coach can guide in developing focus and skills that can help in finding energy balance.

The above reasons are not the only reasons for approaching a coach. Your clients can find many other reasons to connect with you as an energy coach. So, keep doing your good work and keep building connections.

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Skills of an Energy Coach

As a coach, your qualities will help you in dealing with the clients. You must have skills in knowing which coaching tool will work when with your clients. It is the secret of a coaching business. It is an amazing idea of becoming an energy coach. But the qualities of a successful coach is what one should not ignore. With the right skills, you can get more clients as an energy coach.

Here are the important qualities or skills of an energy coach.

Develop a confident approach

Clients should follow what you say. But this is possible if you are confident in handling clients. This brings good energy. If you stay on your decisions and goals, coaching training becomes easy. The most important quality of a successful coach is being sure of what you do. It means you must have a degree of confidence or assertiveness. This can help in bringing back the lost hope of a client and motivate them to gain confidence.

Build a positive attitude

An energy coach requires an optimistic nature. This is because your positive vibrations can help clients in remaining positive. They will get positive energy. You can bring a lot of change with a positive approach. As a coach, you can guide them with ease and motivate your clients. Clients will also perform the task with enthusiasm.

Be inspiring

An energy coach has enough instances for inspiring people. It helps in getting the client’s confidence. It is the most important quality of a successful coach. When there is an issue, clients will ask for your guidance. During this time you can charge up their energy. The best thing is sharing an inspiring story with them. It will give them a lesson and motivate them in moving ahead. The coach can show this through both words and actions. This will result in gaining the faith of your clients.

Have emotional intelligence

A lot of clients go through a lot of negative emotions. An energy coach understands the psychological aspect of a client. Thus, with the coaching tools, he or she handles the negative thoughts of the client. It involves connecting with clients on an emotional front. This requires emotional intelligence skills. A coach takes care that clients’ energy is flowing in the right direction. Negative energy can affect the client’s future. An energy coach can guide clients in bringing back their life on track by resolving conflicts.

Build empathy

Another quality of an energy coach is showing empathy. It helps in interacting with the client. If the client does not know much about energy coaching then empathy can help build connections with your clients. You can show compassion and make your clients grow.

Be a problem solver

Problem-solving skills is the need for coaching. As a coach, you can give creative ideas for solving issues. Develop problem-solving skills in your clients as this will help them overcome the challenges. It will also make the journey of coaching smooth.

Be a motivator

As an energy coach, play the role of motivator. Make your clients forget their past. It helps your clients understand what is important. They let go of things and believe in themselves. It helps them in gaining positive energy.

As a coach, keep adding qualities as it will help you be a better person and coach.

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How Much Can You Earn as an Energy Coach?

An energy coach can earn around $35,609 yearly. But with experience and expertise, you can earn around $100,000 annually. This is according to payscale data. There is a broader scope. You can earn more depending upon your skills and expertise.

As a coach, you can also have variations in earnings due to a few factors. For example, an energy coach can earn good enough if working in a country like the US. The average salary of an energy coach is around $45K per year. This range keeps on varying. You may earn more if the people you are working with are highly-reputed. Your earnings are low in case of working with startups.

An energy coach’s monthly fees may also vary. It depends on your coaching certifications and skills. A lot of energy coaches provide services that range between $399-$5,000+ per month. The monthly rate can even go up with time. It depends on your experience level. For example, your earnings are high if you are providing service at corporates. Other factors that affect your earnings are the number and types of clients.

You can also earn well if you use a mixture of coaching products. These are also known as packages. You can have beginner or premium level packages. Also, you can have a mix of webinars and one to one sessions.

Hence, your earnings can go high depending on your efforts and techniques. You can prepare a proper coaching business plan with revenue expectations.

Marketing Strategies to Get Clients Fast

Marketing strategies are very important to grow your coaching business. This would help you to get clients fast. An energy coach can use great ideas for marketing strategies. You can leverage to grow your profile.

Social media

An energy coach should know where the audience flow is more. Later with that data, you can promote yourself on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram. Use hashtags that link to relevant content on your site or blog. This will help people find you faster.


One of the best ways is podcasting. This would help to elevate your status as a thought leader in your space. You can podcast by either hosting your show or become a guest speaker on other shows. Podcasting can make you more expressive and understandable.

Online Communities

It’s the best thing if you have an online community. You can connect with your audience. It serves as an engine for all your marketing efforts. Also, it would help you to establish yourself as a helpful facilitator. You would get a way to engage with your audience in real-time.

Email Marketing

Once you have a good email list, keep your audience updated. You can share newsletters or articles through Email. This can tell them how your coaching can benefit them. It is a great tool for engaging with selected people.


The important marketing tool is blogging. You can add a link to it through your website. There is an option of creating a blow page. The trick is writing good quality content. It helps in building an online presence. The blogs should have the right keywords. It makes your page visible on the first page of a search engine like Google. The content should be relevant to the target audience. It demonstrates your coaching skills and expertise. You can write on how one can overcome negative energy. You must spend a major amount of your time on blog promotion and rest on writing.

A coach should know how different platforms can help in marketing the blog. You can take the help of Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and more. There is an option of posting and sharing blogs. But a blog should create a connection. Your audience should reply to you or ask questions. With videos or attractive texts you can grab their attention. This should become part of your blogging. It can help you get clients within a few months. The crucial thing is you should try adding more tips or interesting stories. This leads to client engagement.

Engage through speech or presentation

You can attend or organize big conferences or seminars. Here you can give presentations on different topics of energy coaching. The audience can ask you queries or approach you again.

You can at that time suggest your coaching products.

There are other organic marketing methods. As a coach, you can try SEO, video creation, and more.

An energy coach can improve the self-confidence of people. This makes people motivated. They explore various areas of life. You can use the right skills for showing them the right path. You can use the above tools and techniques for growing your client base. Your work is transforming lives. Hence, you should gather all the knowledge for bringing change. It is a great field for making a career.

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