Become a Top Professional Development Coach in 2021

Business is not about saving costs. It also involves the professional development coaching of the people who are working for it. Employers want their employees to match industry standards.

An expert coach is needed for the professional skill development of the employees. A lot of people are struggling and looking for guidance for professional development.

Who do you think can help companies for employee training?

Who can help professionals in their professional development?

Yes, you guessed it right. Professional development coaches are experts who can guide professionals or any individual in their professional development.

Have you ever been part of the professional development of your colleagues or friends? Do you have a knack for handling professional development issues? If yes then professional development coaching can be the right fit for you.

Let’s check out how you can be one of the best professional development coaches.

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Who is a professional development coach?

Today the talent gap is becoming wider. For professionals to step up the performance, coaching is a must. This is the best option through which they get noticed. Thus, a professional development coach works as a guide here.

He or she is the one who makes major shifts in the professional lives of clients. He or she covers all the activities which are required to achieve professional goals. The coach develops the mindset of people in the right direction. The best part is that he or she creates a positive environment. It leads to success for the person at all levels.

A professional development coach undergoes the process where a coach interacts with a client. It is in a very personalized and professional manner. The coach asks a few questions to the client to understand the requirements. He works upon the client’s performance in a particular skill or area. The key to such kind of coaching is that the focus is on action-oriented outcomes. A coach performs various skill-based training.

Best practices followed by a professional development coach are:

– Developing expectations

– Making an effective plan

– Measuring the outcomes

– Continuously connecting with the team

– Keeping a check on the performance and actions

– Providing solutions along with challenges

– More focus on leading the people

The coach assesses the current situation before the session. The goals are defined and strategies are planned. It is a must for reaching a common goal.

There are high chances that a client will engage in honest conversations. This is essential for receiving constructive feedback. In every profession, it is crucial to practice new skills. Also, the client has to make certain adjustments. A coach takes care of all such areas and motivates the client to achieve his goals.

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Who are the prospective clients of a professional development coach?

Some people want training for enhancing professional skills. Some are there who want a license or certification in a particular area. Hence, various groups need help from a professional development coach. Here are the major ones:


They are eager to adopt new teaching methods. A professional development coach can guide them in improving their teaching skills.

Managers and executives

These groups are always in a race of climbing new levels. They want to achieve new heights. Also, they face a lot of competition. How can they enhance their skills to get success? As a coach, you can help them out in their professional development.

Healthcare professionals

They may lack certain skills that can help in their development. These skills are important for helping the community. A professional development coach can provide training for them. This will guide healthcare professionals to serve patients better.

Professional pursuing to go abroad

A lot of people want to try new avenues. They may find working abroad a great opportunity. But how can they improve themselves? How can they go abroad? As a coach, you can guide them to improve professional skills that are required in other countries.


Which are the crucial skills to perform the task of a supervisor? What things he or she needs to change for the benefit of the company? Such people can also be clients of professional development coaches.

Social workers or NGOs

Every day some new challenges are coming. A social worker deals with many of them. But somewhere they may need some advice. Hence, this is another group where a professional development coach can help.

Core traits of a professional development coach

A coach follows self-awareness and introspection to know about the clients. These are the key points for finding the characteristics of people. A coach with mental toughness can analyze others. With such traits, a professional development coach can prove beneficial to others.

He or she can use these skills to train people. A coach does not show himself as an expert. Instead, he or she behaves as a support in the learning process. Here are some of the essential traits of a professional development coach:

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Professional development coach should be a curious listener

During the coaching sessions, listen actively. You should have this trait of listening and asking questions. It is important to gather more information. When you are training a client, it should be all about them.

Without active listening how will one know their hidden issues? How can the coach bring improvement without good listening? Clients may not share anything. But a coach who is a curious listener can find that out.

Have high emotional intelligence

Professional development coaches are good at relating to the thoughts of people. They show a good level of interest in people and also match up with their emotions. As a coach, you should have high emotional intelligence as that will help you connect well with your clients.

Professional development coach should be supportive

A lot of people who are lacking skills need some support in developing them. A coach is the one who encourages them. As a coach, you can show support through words and good gestures. This will help your clients develop confidence and help them focus better in achieving their goals.

Create good rapport

Rapport building is the trait of every coach. It helps in building relationships with clients. Once a coach uses this skill, he or she becomes ready to invest in the client. The clients also feel that connection. They understand how well the coach can sync with them. The positive vibes start developing and it helps the client to open up in front of the coach.

Provide harsh feedback in a positive way

Professional development coach has skills in dealing with things using tact. The feedback which the coach provides is at times harsh. But the way it is shared with the client requires skills. It means as a coach give honest feedback but in a positive way.

Have good communication and questioning skills

A coach does not share his or her opinion. It is a two-way communication that takes place between the coach and the client. Hence, there are always questions asked and answered. A coach has the skill of asking the right kind of questions that can help him understand clients’ requirements better.

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Have problem-solving skill

This is another major skill. Coach has the skill of understanding the problem areas of clients. He or she soon finds out the pain points of the client. After the issues are understood, a coach makes strategies to resolve them. As a coach, you can use your expertise in solving the problems of your clients.

Benefits of having a good professional development coach

Professional development coaches have high potential. As a coach, you can advance the career of people in many ways. Today everyone is on a continuous learning process. With the help of a coach, businesses can identify future leaders. It is useful for anyone to be a freelancer or a full-time executive. One can jump into a dream role through such coaching practices.

Here are the benefits which one can achieve from a professional development coach.

Develops skills and provides an opportunity to learn new things

A lot of people want promotion from current professional positions. They can get help from professional development coaches. Even those who are looking for a new role can take the help of a coach. Also, coaches guide clients in acquiring knowledge quickly.

Professional development coach discovers the undiscovered areas

If a sportsman performs the same workout, he or she will not find any change. It only helps in maintaining current levels. But what should one do to excel in any area? A coach lets one discover the areas which need more stretching. It can result in new ideas and more productivity. This is good for people in any profession. It makes people grow in different directions.

Updates your knowledge and keeps you in touch with industrial changes

Professionals have to stay informed about their sector. They need a fresh approach to dealing with new standards. The things learned before are upgraded after the coaching session. People can add new skills to the CV and improve their qualifications.

A coach also provides short training programs. This can work as a refresher. Hence, using the advice of a coach one can move into the next level of the profession.

Meet new people and expand the network

Some professions tie you with few people. But with a good coach, you can have a new social group. There is an opportunity for you to connect with people from your industry. People can discuss the inside-out of the industry.

It can lead to collaborations or new partnership projects. This is important in professional development. A coach can benefit you in building those new connections.

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Provides a sense of satisfaction

A lot of clients want to achieve something new. They have high ambitions. But without the right direction, they can not move ahead. A professional development coach enhances those skills which they lack. This gives people the satisfaction of achieving a new level in their life. They become more versatile

Professional development coach improves the image

Whether it is a manager or an entrepreneur all want to enhance their image. As a coach, you can enhance the professional image of your clients.

You can guide your clients to learn new skills which will change their image to highly-skilled professionals.

Takes care of the complete growth of clients

As a coach, you have to take care of the complete growth of your clients. The coaching session should let your clients develop beyond their job too. This benefits them when they plan to change jobs. All-round development of your clients will help them face any situation with ease.

How much can a professional development coach earn?

Becoming an expert professional development coach is a hot career prospect.

In your role as a professional development coach, your revenue could vary greatly from $20,000 to $100,000. According to a business website, the average salary is $60,000 per year. But then some experienced experts make millions of dollars a year.

A few renowned coaches earn millions of dollars for advice, books, and audio each year. This involves sharing their strategies for achieving “professional success.” Fewer than one percent of professional development coaches brings in seven digits.

To illustrate that growth, consider these statistics.

Earlier there were approximately 47,500 professional development coaches at work. They used to earn in total $2 billion as revenue.

A lot of professional development coaches set their rates. These rates vary from place to place. Coaches earn anywhere around $25 per hour to $300+ per hour. The standard hourly rates after the certification program are $100-$150 per hour. But, those can be high which depends on the coach’s background, some expertise, and location.

The big difference in coaching rates, though, is checked by what type of coaching you are doing. The one on one session revenue is different from group sessions. Thus, such kind of coaching is considered to be one of the most successful jobs.

The International Coach Federation is the one handling the coaching market. They have found that the average income for full-time coaches was over $83,000 and for part-time about $26,000 a year. This was steady with more recent findings in 2016.

Some experts say that average annual incomes for coaches range from $55K to $116K. International coaching federation gives training and research for the coaches. One can earn well after attaining its research and education-based programs and reports. The 2017 ICF study saw a great number of professional development coaches globally and the 2018 study estimated industry income of $2.9 million.

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Marketing strategies for professional development coach to get clients fast

There are many marketing strategies to grow a coaching business. A professional development coach can apply different techniques to grow clients.

Below are some examples of marketing strategies. You can leverage them to make more clients faster as a coach:

Guest blog as a professional development coach

First, you need to share content that is helpful to your ideal audience on other websites. You need to create your profile as a helpful expert. This would get your message out to a new audience. Many new people would then connect you.

Network on social media

There are many social networking sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram. However, first, you must identify as to where your audience is most engaged. Invest your time there. Also, you must add relevant hashtags while linking to relevant content on your site or blog. It would help people find you faster and to have more clients.

Create podcasts for your professional development coaching venture

Podcasting is another way to lift your status as a thought leader in your space. It’s one of the great ways of getting more clients. You may get started with podcasting by either hosting your show or being a guest speaker on other shows. A lot of other podcasts can be done which may be payable and that will help create more clients.

Build online communities

Create an online community to connect with your audience. This is because it serves as an engine for all your marketing efforts. Also, establish yourself as a helpful facilitator. This will help generate more clients.

Be a help to your clients

Find as many ways to help as many people as you can. Speak in front of a group. Deliver webinars or seminars.

The more you help people, the more you’ll be identified as a great resource. Lastly, once being an established valuable resource, you can choose on to whom you can take on as a paying client.

Ask questions in the right manner

Once you are clear on the type of results your clients want it’s easy to ask the right questions. You must have clarity about the professional development requirement as per the client. This will ensure that you can manage your clients’ expectations. The strength of your coaching partnership comes with managing those expectations.

Share your experience

As coaches, you might love to serve and believe you can serve anyone. Finding commonality in work experience is a way that has been helpful to gain clients. Corporate leaders are willing to work with professional development coaches. They look for coaches who have been leaders before. This can be your opportunity to join large companies.

Video as a tool for being in the minds of people

Firstly don’t make it fancy. Just have some authenticity. Today it’s a screen-fixated society. Thus, when you feature yourself in a video, it will lend credibility to your practice.

A small video that shows potential clients as to how they can benefit from your coaching will help your clients connect to you well. Those who don’t resonate with you or with your offer, won’t even respond.

Hence, research shows that professional development coaching increases results in various areas. Many companies have seen a high amount of profit margin. Various leaders also believe in the value of developing people at the professional front. Earlier only a few percentages of people remained engaged in work. But with coaching things have changed.

A lot of people are taking the profession seriously and trying to grow. As a coach one can push employees to their highest potential. This includes dealing with conflicts, analyzing situations, and much more. Also, with that, there is a need for post-coaching action plans. This is because progress is required even after the sessions are over.

Thus, the above article gives a detailed idea about a professional development coach. How can a professional development coach stand out from others? What are the skills needed? All the questions are answered above. The task now is to look for the clients and guide them well.

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