Top 10 Ways To Build An Amazing Coaching Website [ 2021 Edition]

 Sai Blackbyrn/ 10th June 2021

A coaching website is phenomenally vital for the success of your coaching business. I am sure you have learned the art of nailing your coaching sessions but a solid digital presence is also a must. This is the gateway to your clients. And, you can also demonstrate the pool of value that you have for your prospects.

A coaching website builds trust and connectivity. If your website is not helpful to your target audience then you may turn your prospects away.

Today I am going to discuss some essential tips to build an amazing website. So, stay tuned!

Homepage- the crux of your coaching website

Your home page will have the very first impression on your visitors. We need to make sure that it is captivating enough.

As a coach, your business is to build people up. You need a design that at once connects with the visitors and offers an emotional reaction. Hero images can be one of the ways. As the saying goes- “A picture paints a thousand words.”

In order to stand out from the crowd try to use designs and backgrounds that are original. A short video that plays on the loop is also a good idea.

Below I have listed ways through which you can give your homepage an enchanting look.


A stunning headline reflects how your services are going to help your prospects to meet their end goals. Also if you want to get a lift in your conversion rate this is an extremely important way to optimize.

Sarh Peterson, Sumo rightly states-

“Headlines are our first point of contact between a piece of content or a call to action, and a headline is what hooks us into engaging with that Call To Action.”

You need to have the below two points cleared while crafting engaging headlines.

  1. The headlines should revolve around the customers. Focus on what customers would get rather than what they should do.
  2. Place the value at the beginning of the headline [ also called a- point-first structure]

The headline should have a long-lasting impact on your clients. Believe me, this is not that difficult. Just make sure that your headline incorporates the following.

  1. Focus

Your headline should neither be vague nor fluff. It should be cut to chase. Keep it precise and simple.

  1. Relevance

The headline should be relevant to the purpose of your coaching website. Also with the rest of the content.

  1. Benefits

This is the most important factor that will attract your audience at once. Your headline should convey the benefits of your coaching service.

Use some eloquent words that can grab the attention of the viewers immediately. Some of them are listed below.

  1. YOU: It appeals directly to our sense of identity. It also treats your prospect as an individual rather than another customer.
  2. GUARANTEE: This removes any risk that you are unsure of with your selling proposition. Thus it lays a solid convincing ground.
  3. EASY: Another attention-grabbing word. Clients generally want to solve their problems but at the same time also want an easy approach.
  4. SAVE: Major prospects are looking for two factors to save before making the deal- Money and Time. If you can include these, it would connect you sooner with them.

Sumo comes up with amazing HEADLINE FORMULAS to skyrocket your rate of conversions.


Your headline captures the attention of your visitor. The subheadline holds their attention to drive them to your call to action.

If your branding requires, then the subheadline can go into a little detail then the heading. What you should focus on is to add the element of persuasiveness in the subheading.

For instance, if you will consider Medium then it has a headline that is short and conveys the purpose well. Also, the sub-headline elaborates on the purpose of the platform. This adds to clarity. Both of them better compels the client to hit the GET STARTED button.

Two woman chatting
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Testimonials are the best way to build trust in your prospects. Through testimonials, you can exhibit your past success stories to your prospects. Share with them how your services added value to your previous clients who were facing the same issues. Tell them how you helped them to overcome their challenges.

Below three points make brilliant testimonials.

  1. Take testimonials from real people who are relevant to your target audience.
  2. Use pictures of the concerned person as it lends credibility.
  3. Avoid generic testimonials. Try to receive ones that include real data, real figures, and specific comments.

You can add a variety of client testimonials either in text or video format. You can either follow a structure and keep it a bit formalized or you can take a free ride like me!

Email conversations, facebook chats/comments/ posts, Whatsapp convo, text, videos- I have included all of them. Each word of my client matters to me a lot and consists of immense value.

You can go beyond simple testimonials and include snippets from social media. Social proof is a great way to build trust and credibility in your audience.

“About Me page: of your coaching website

“About me” Page in many sense holds even greater importance than your homepage. This is the page which helps you to personally connect with your audience. Your audience wants to know you well before they decide to hand over their problem to you for solutions.

In the “About me” section you get an opportunity to share personal details, credentials and build credibility. Don’t be scared to share your personal details. Be open to talk about the turning points in your life that made you choose the path that you are currently treading. If there is some unique experience that you want to share, feel free.

Also, utilize this space for talking about your business values. This can include what is your actual motive.

Gently let the prospect realize what great value you can offer to him/her. In order to make this effective, I have listed the free ebooks and the valuable blogs that are worthy enough on my ABOUT US section. I also don’t hesitate to invite my visitors to my coach accelerator program and my free webinar.

The ABOUT ME page is the best way to highlight your USPs. Make sure that you provide everything peculiar to you and your coaching service.

Personal Blog

Do you want to be taken seriously as a coach? If yes, then you should not leave the chance of contributing to the online community.

Share your tips and tricks regularly to establish thought leadership. Your blogs are a great chance to exhibit your proficiency and command over your industry and emerge as a successful market leader in your niche.

Blogging regularly helps you to draw organic search traffic along with building social proof.

I generally prefer long blog posts that cover all the details revolving around a particular topic. My aim behind is to gift my entire knowledge on the specific subject matter so that my visitor doesn’t struggle much. So, if my blog entitles- How to become an intimacy coach?– I would deal with everything- skills required, methodologies, different situations, etc.

You can go and publish your blogs on social media platforms and attract followers. Blogs will also help the search engine crawlers to know more about your coaching website and in turn about your services.

Try to answer trending questions and incorporate buzzing viewpoints through the content in your blog. This will attract more attention from google search.

Avoid just simply penning down your views on some random topic. Do proper keyword research and include quality images and infographics in your blog content. You can also go for guest blogging.

If you wish to build a long-lasting coaching business then you need to add value to your audience’s lives. Blogs are a great way for the same.

Good SEO practices

SEO in Colorful Alphabets
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A coaching website without a good SEO practice is like a cake without the cherry. For your website to rank well it must be Search engine optimized.

Include content that is rich in keywords- both short and long-tail keywords. Use elegant media and graphics, take care of having the alt text for each image wherever possible.

Make sure that your site gets an ‘A’ in all the tests performed with any good Webpage test like

Include proper linking structure (hyperlinking and backlinking). This will increase the Page Authority and Domain Authority of your coaching website.

I suggest going through these 5 SEO concepts that all coaching websites should implement.

Build your Sales Funnel

Our goal should be always thinking about the next step for your prospect after he/she visits your website. For instance, let’s say that your prospect reads your blog, you can ask him/her to subscribe to your mail list for additional content related to it.

This way you give a boost to your email list as well. Thereafter you can send an email series that can build more trust in the prospect. After that, you can slightly push him/her towards buying your offerings.

Include Videos on your coaching website

Videos at present are one of the best marketing strategies. If you want to grab the attention of your prospects fast and hold it for long, videos are the best compared to blogs, infographics, podcasts, etc.

A video should be at the foundation of your marketing strategy. It can educate your ideal prospect and convert him/her into a high-end paying client. A video is versatile. You can use the video and then get the audio transcribed for blog posts and social media posts.

Address your client’s pain points and connect deeply

“A great message is not when your client understands you but when your client feels understood by you.”

You need to find out a dedicated list of the pain points of your customers. This way it would become simpler to curate messaging/copywriting on your coaching website.

Now the question arises- “How would you build such a list of the pain points of your target audience?” There are various ways.

  • Social Media- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
  • Discussion forums like Reddit primarily
  • Facebook groups
  • Popular magazines in line with your coaching business. [ For instance, Amazon reviews of books that is aligned to your coaching business.]
  • BEST WAY- Direct interaction [or through video calling ] with your target customers.

You need to find out the exact words and phrases that your customers are using while depicting their pain points. Using these words you can create amazing copy for your coaching website.

If you want to find the pain points then the way is absolutely simple. Stop guessing and just ask one question to yourself:

What does my ideal kind do when he/she needs help and where do he/she go both online an off. ?

The answer to the above question will set the roadmap for beyond.

Always remember that you should be able to convey to your clients three important things through your coaching website:

  1. That you can relate and understand what they are struggling with
  2. That you have seen the same before
  3. And that you know exactly how to face and overcome the same

This way your efforts will appear more natural and genuine. You won’t be simply another coach in the city but one which actually understands his/her customers at a deeper level. And who is eager to bring TRANSFORMATION in them.

Clear visible call to action

together now
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A compelling call to action button is a must on your coaching website. This is the one that is responsible to convert your prospects into high-end coaching clients.

Thus it has to be clearly visible and in fact attention-grabbing. It should not blend with the rest of the coaching website but instead should have a pop. You should make it pop off the page and grab the attention of the visitor by using an action color.

Avoid using simple commands like “SUBMIT” as your CTA and try using something different and persuasive. At the same time prevent going too off-beat. Stick with the tried and true. Your visitors should not get confused by not finding something on your website which they are accustomed with.

Your CTAs should have contrasting colors to make them stand apart from the rest of the content on your caching website.

For instance, check the image below. It uses a pink CTA button that at once drives your attention. It is big, bold and cannot be ignored. This is the level of impact that you should try to achieve.

Devote some attention to aesthetics

The look and feel of your website can either reinforce or detract from your credibility. Undoubtedly content and Call To Action are inevitable ingredients but aesthetics still matter.

If your website is poorly designed, unprofessional or cluttered then it would fail to have a good impression on your visitors. If this happens all your attempts to convey things to prospects and engage them will prove futile.

Thus you must give minute attention to the website’s design and look. Have a glance at these 5 coaching website design trends for a better understanding.

A clear offering structure [ along with a compelling free offer]

When your prospects are visiting your website they are validating two things- coach’s competency and your package. If your coaching website depicts your offerings clearly, they can make their decision easily.

Alternatively, you can choose not to disclose much regarding the pricing and packaging through your website. And that works perfectly well too. Probably you can discuss them more clearly in a one-to-one conversation or via any other way. Whatever it may be just make sure that your visitors can easily recognize and ping you accordingly.

Apart from that, FREE material is something that catches the eye of anyone. Free educational content will contribute to your credibility. Your coaching website is like a real estate for your business. Providing a compelling free offer such as an audio download, e-book or webinars is a great way to capture email addresses and future leads.

Contact Page

The final checkbox on your path to building an amazing coaching website: your contact page. You can either employ an easy-to-use form or chatbot on your website. Drift is one such easy-to-setup chatbot plugin that you can use.

You should drive your energy to lead people to leave their essential data quickly but refrain from sounding too pushy. Don’t be too compelling with your pop-ups either- this is the easiest way for your visitors to lose interest.

Provide multiple contact methods such as phone address, physical address and email address.

Along with this another area where you should concentrate on is the FOOTER section. This should contain your contact details. Along with that, it should also include links to your privacy policy & terms and conditions pages. These links will enhance your credibility and showcase your professionalism.

Update, optimize and monitor your site

Googles’ algorithm keeps on updating every second and so are the industry trends. What’s a buzzing topic today won’t remain one after a few months. You must keep updating the ingredients on your coaching website. Optimize it technically and professionally to resonate with your visitors the best.

Gain insights from web analytics to make significant updates. Make sure that the present website is aligned to the needs and voice of your customers.

Be Mobile-friendly

Gone are the “big-screen” days. Content that is not friendly with the small-screens is considered antiquated. Such content can quickly disengage the prospects.

Today even the older generations are engaging with the online world via their smartphones.

Thus a responsive website that is compatible with multiple screen sizes and types cannot be neglected.

10 tips to keep in mind while building your coaching website

Below are some fast tips that would augment our discussions above.

  1. Get your own URL/domain [, instead of]
  2. Avoid advertisements from third parties on your coaching website.
  3. Avoid using stock photography, everyone else is doing it. It won’t cost you much to hire a professional photographer or designer.
  4. Be honest, don’t overpromise.
  5. Your coaching website should emphasize more on inspiring rather than selling.
  6. Avid being jack of all trades, be an expert!

Now, let’s have a look at 5 great coaching websites that are a great inspiration.

Cortney McDermott

Top 10 Ways To Build An Amazing Coaching Website [ 2021 Edition] Coaching Website

Point to focus on:

  • A clear image of the coach with a handwritten slogan
  • A video that allows you to see the coach in action
  • Navigation and website blocks are well-structured
  • The colors- beige, white and black- contributes to the elegance

Amber Chalus

Top 10 Ways To Build An Amazing Coaching Website [ 2021 Edition] Coaching Website

Points to focus on:

  • Pleasing clour, smiling coach, nice wordings- renders positivity
  • Hypothetical situation to compel visitors to think beyond
  • Subscription through newsletters is a nice move to connect to potential clients

Melissa Ambrosini

Top 10 Ways To Build An Amazing Coaching Website [ 2021 Edition] Coaching Website

Points to focus on:

  • Greeting- “Hey Beautiful”, free video series and happiness on face gains attention and trust.
  • Smooth animation
  • Short videos and testimonials

Heidi Rose

Top 10 Ways To Build An Amazing Coaching Website [ 2021 Edition] Coaching Website

Point to focus on:

  • The website builds a bit of suspense at first glance
  • On scrolling, you realize that Hedi is actually a life coach who is inviting you to build an “online sanctuary”

Elizabeth Rider

Top 10 Ways To Build An Amazing Coaching Website [ 2021 Edition] Coaching Website

  • Straightforward- How to start a healthy life without struggling
  • Links to main sections located at the top
  • A three-pin MORE button at the top that opens the side menu
  • The coach also opens the bonus- a free copy of 30 healthy recipe


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